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Aug 21, 2010 12:18 PM

Kid-friendly but good place for dinner in Charleston?

Hi, we are cruising out of Charleston this week and unfortunately only have 1 night in your lovely city. Can you give me good recommendations for kid-friendly (as in not fancy but not fast food) but good places for dinner? Would love southern/low-country fare if possible. Thanks!

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  1. How old are they?

    There wasn't a lot downtown the last time I was in Charleston- we ended up in Mount Pleasant a lot. I remember liking Shem Creek Bar and Grill a lot; but the quality of places on Shem Creek varies a lot. The only reason I hesitate to recommend it is that their best items were their oysters, and it's not oyster season.

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      10 year old who is very adventurous and a great eater and 3 year old who is not adventurous and likely requires a kid menu (chix tenders/mac cheese etc.) or a place that would do a bowl of buttered noodles on the side! Thanks!

    2. Southend Brewery and Smokehouse is casual and has good good. Might be noisy depending on the night. Look at Marina Variety Store Restaurant located near City Marine on James Island Expressway in SW Charleston.

      Southend Brewery and Smokehouse @ 161 East Bay St., Charleston, SC 843 - 853 - 4677.
      Marina Variety Store & Restaurant @ 17 Lockwood Dr., Charleston, SC. 843 - 723 - 6235.

      Marina Variety Store and Restaurant
      17 Lockwood Dr Ste E, Charleston, SC 29401

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        There's a place downtown called Buccaneers. Not fine dining but it gets ok reviews and kids love the pirate theme!

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          They also have early bird specials at Buccaneer that are wallet friendly.

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            Go early and go to SNOB. I can't imagine they couldn't put something worthwhile together for the 3 year old, and the older child will have a good time with real offerings (perhaps off the app menu). I find good restaurants are amenable to most everything, and I've seen children in there -- Southern restaurants tend to be more child oriented than most places. But go early, just in case. The charcuterie platter is awesome, the shrimp and grits fabulous (there's your Southern take). And it won't break the bank.

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              I can't second this recommendation enough!! We took our 4 year old to SNOB at 5:30. They were incredibly welcoming and she loved it. They have a children's menu for the small one that has standard kid fare, but our daughter ordered off the appetizer menu and stuffed herself with pate.

      2. Hominy Grill, maybe? very casual, pretty decent food (I think it's way overrated, but still I like it well enough), and some of it plain enough that surely the 3-year-old would eat something (grits, maybe?)

        Sermet downtown...always a good choice for more casual, lower price. They have pasta.

        I would be really careful about going out to Shem creek unless you have a specific recommendation. Although there are (I'm told) exceptions, many of the places on Shem Creek are the worst tourist traps in the area.

        Hominy Grill
        207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403