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Aug 21, 2010 12:14 PM

New Dim Sum place in Morrisville

Saw an article in the N&O yesterday mentioning this place and went to Dim Sum House on Jerusalem Road in Morrisville. Today was the first day they had carts running (according to one of the cart pushers) and things were a little rough. But the crowd was large at 1 pm, and the food was quite acceptable. All the usual suspects, Sui Mai, Har Gow, etc., but nothing too out of the ordinary (as they used to have at China One from time to time.) Compares favorably with Neo-Asia in Cary (not in ambiance but in food) and with the place in Durham that I haven't been to in years. I hope it makes it through the shake-down period and develops into a solid place to go. Website is

Dim Sum House
100 Jerusalem Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

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  1. Wow, the menu, both Dim Sum and a la carte Chinese looked really interesting. Morrisville is definitely not too far if this is the real deal.

    1. Thanks Omoshiroi! Haven't had good dim-sum in a while. I used to like Neo-China but felt they went downhill after they expanded their menu and became Neo-Asia. Hopefully this place will be better than both Neo-Asia and Hong Kong in Durham....

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        I hope it will become our go-to dim sum place too (since there's really no good place in DC and we only get to New York City once a year and San Francisco every other.) I was encouraged by the tea menu (different teas for different stages of the dim sum game) and the lump sugar they delivered with the tea. I just hope the offerings will include some specials not on the printed menu and that the service will catch up with the crowds. Note that they only have carts on weekends, which could be a good thing in terms of freshness. We usually go to Hunam because it is close to home, and they don't have carts, but the quality there is wildly inconsistent.

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          No good place in DC? Have you tried Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton? Or, AJ's in Annandale for Northern Chinese style dim sum?

          1. re: dinersaurus

            I never have a car when in DC so I'm stuck with Penn Quarter dim sum which hasn't been very good since Chinatown started to disappear. But I do like Jaleo for Spanish Dim Sum.

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              Forget Chinatown. As you've seen, there's really nothing good there for Chinese. All the good stuff is in the burbs. AJ's would be tough to get to without a car, but Hollywood East is metro accessible from the Wheaton stop. Red line I think.

      2. Went there for a late lunch today. You order a la carte off the menu during the week-- traditional pulling from carts is only on weekends. The four items we were served were quite promising. I liked them better than Hong Kong in Durham. The prices were fair. However, we were told 3 items were not available. I suspect this was a flat out lie. We arrived at 2:30 and at 3:15 we were told they didn't have the items. I bet since they close at 3:00 (reopen at 5:00 for dinner) the cooks in the kitchen didn't feel like making those items. I don't blame them but how about telling us earlier so we could have made double orders of the items they were willing to make?

        The food is good enough that I won't hold it against them.

        1. On a separate note, I chatted with somebody at David's Dumpling & Noodle Bar about the possibility of doing dim sum there since they already do small plates. And her response was sort of not surprising to me. She said they could certainly fly a dim-sum chef (with assistants) down from NYC for 4 to 5K but they would have to probably do two days of dim sum service and sell a lot of plates to recoup their costs.

          Say average diner spends $12/person, I'd say they'd have to serve at least 500 people to make up the expense. So the key to having a new cuisine like this available in the Triangle is to have an interested audience and people willing to regularly patronize the business. It can be done but if we want good dim-sum, we need to visit the places that do it and encourage others to do the same! Or maybe convince a dim-sum chef that NC is a great place to live... :-)

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          1. re: RonboNC

            I hope this place in Morrisville does well.

            1. re: Tom from Raleigh

              Went back for a follow-up on Labor Day, and the place was hopping. I was hoping to order off the menu (since it was a Monday) but they had carts for the holiday. Service was improved from our first visit. My partner loved the seaweed rolls (deep fried and stuffed with shrimp paste) and all the steamed stuff was good. but the fried taro with pork stuffing was mediocre at best. Always a problem with fried items on carts is their temperature, and their grease level, that's why I was hoping to order off the menu to assess the quality of fresh fried food. Reason for another visit on a non-holiday weekday.

          2. Hit up Dim Sum House last week (Sunday) and the place was jammed! Food/dishes were decent, wrappers were pretty thin and fillings tasty. My main issue was the service/cart availability. The dining room was crammed making it difficult to pass through and no carts means no food. Ordered a beef chow fun off the menu (quite good) but no salt n pepper porkchops! My guess is they were focused on dim sum and were limited off-menu.

            Overall a good experience but a little frenetic which is not unusual for DS. They'll need to tune their dining room and service a bit more and I will definitely visit during the week. The food has potential, definitely standard and good Cantonese...

            Dim Sum House
            100 Jerusalem Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560