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Aug 21, 2010 10:45 AM

Chocolate and Sea Salt Recipes

I just returned from a visit to Napa Valley, CA last week and had the most amazing Dark Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt. Who knew that Chocolate and salt would taste so good together. Since my return, I've been craving the two flavors. Does anyone have any interesting recipes they would care to share with both the Chocolate and the Salt? I had a brownie recipe clipped at one time, but cannot locate it. :(

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  1. A Spanish combination: toasted bread topped with chocolate, olive oil and salt.
    (Ferran Adria 'recipe')

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      I was going to suggest chocolate ice cream with olive oil and salt, but this bread recipe sounds better.

      1. Try this.

        Temper and melt some chocolate, dip either strawberries or apricots in the chocolate and then sprinkle with sea salt.

        1. Not a recipe but another nod to chocolate and sea salt. I was given a box of Lake Champlain Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramels. It was instant mouth karma and left me wanting more, more, more...The dark chocolate, the thick gooey caramel and the sharpness of the salt is pure magic.

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            Greenstate, your post reminds me of Paula Deen's Pine Bark recipe...simply: one layer of saltines to cover a baking sheet, covered with a caramel that you make with butter and brown bake those together, pull it out of the oven and top with dark chocolate pieces while still hot...unbelievably awesome!

          2. Sweet & Salty Chocolate Cake from "Baked" is really great if you like salt and chocolate. It uses fleur de sel.

            And, you can always try Toasted Bread and Bittersweet Chocolate.