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Aug 21, 2010 10:40 AM

Bagel Hole-7th Ave.

I believe It's been a while since Bagle Hole was the topic of a posting so I decided to just start a new one. I know there are big fans out there, but I'll never go back again. I'm not a regular by any means, but I decided to stop by this morning 9am (very busy time) on my to the Park. Not only was my bagel extremely stale, but inedible--I thought I might break a tooth.. I realize that stale bagels happened to good people, but Saturday morning at 9am would lead me to assume that would be THE time for a fresh bagels.

Just my two cents.

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  1. This is my neighborhood bagel shop, though not by a long shot the closest to my apartment. i gladly walk past several closer options to get there, despite the fact that they dont offer low fat cream cheese, wont cut bages if you arent getting them with cream cheese on them (!) and the coffee/non-bagel offerings are a little sad.

    ive brought many visitors here and a nontrivial percentage end up declaring these bagels to be revelatory, and more than a couple have said they were the best theyd ever have.

    i also dont believe you got a stale bagel. at 9am on a weekend i dont think ive ever even gotten a bagel that had cooled off to the point that it wasnt blatantly obvious that it had been just baked.

    that said, this past weekend i picked up half a dozen bagels and the everythings were approaching overbaked. normal bagel hole bagels have an intensely crunchy crust and chewy texture all around, and these were more browned than usual but still my favorites. maybe the ovens thermostat is off by a few degrees or their training some new staff.

    1. bklynkat

      I know it has a lot of fans, but I never thought there bagels were any good. Just my opinion.

      1. This is funny, I live right by there and I go to the Bagel Hole almost every weekend for bagels. I also purchased bagels on Saturday morning around that same time (and I normally go there earlier, around 8 or so) and my bagel was also kind of overcooked. They make their bagels fresh all the time, so I think this was just a batch of overcooked ones.

        Just several weeks ago, I took a dozen or so into my office and people were raving about them. I love a freshly baked, still warm, Bagel Hole bagel! They have a nice slightly sourdough flavor that makes them special, but if the bagel is hard, it kind of defeats the purpose!

        I think it was just a bad batch.

        Bagel Hole
        400 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

        1. Well, maybe it was a fluke. As I said, I'm not a regular at this bagel place. Past experiences previous to this once haven't been bad. But to tex, who apparently thinks I'm lying, my plain bagel at 9 am on a Saturday was hard as a rock and yes, stale.

          1. I usually get my bagels there too, and they have been off over the last week or so, but I'm hoping it's a temporary (vacation?) situation, as they are usually amazing.

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            1. re: bebevonbernstein

              Funny how these things go. I've marveled at Bagel Hole for years. I've treasured the fact that though they're not as small as my parents always said bagels were a very long time ago, they've never gotten any bigger in any attempt to accommodate fashion or massive sandwich needs. I've enjoyed the classic "flavors" with only perhaps whole wheat a concession to modern tastes. I've absolutely reveled in the crunchy, chewy hide, sometimes as deep as 1/8", that only gave way to a dense, still toothsome and traditional tasting inside.

              I've always expected the other shoe to drop: they go out of business, they sell the business and it goes to pot, or they make a dreadful change of their own volition, perhaps altering their boiling and baking techniques. Yet, they've chugged along like the little shop that could, and did, and does. They keep it to the basics - outsourced bialys, no dreaded pastries or muffins, certainly no blueberries or sun-dried tomatoes making any headway, and absolutely no shortcuts.

              I always, always, ask for well done bagels. Sometimes, I think the kids there must consider me a pain in the ass. But, I know I'm not the only one asking for well done. So, other times I fantasize they think I'm a connoisseur of the classic bagel, a rotund gourmand of the simple things that can be so gastronomically and emotionally complex. And I hope when the boss is around he hears me asking for my everything bagels well done with scallion, or on special days, whitefish, and he smiles and he pats himself on the back in confidence that he has always been, and remains, on the righteous path.

              Maybe the oven is different lately, maybe the owner's been away (though I saw him a couple days ago), maybe they're not so busy, and don't have to pull them out of the oven as fast as usual. But I've been ecstatic with the bagels the last week or so. I fully expect them to soon revert to their thinner skin likeness and I'll have to request those searches for my dark brown friends with my usual brio. Alas, I guess it's in the tooth of the beholder.

              @bklynkat, I don't think tex thought you were lying. Why would you need to lie? I think he/she was simply questioning your perception of "stale" versus what he/she might consider a correctly done, or even a "well" done, bagel.

              Bagel Hole
              400 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215