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Aug 21, 2010 10:32 AM

Restaurants in Downtown Indy

I'm going to be in Indianapolis from Thursday-Monday, staying at the Crowne Plaza on West Louisiana St and South Capitol Ave. I was hoping for some recommendations on where to eat dinner within a ~20 minute walk of the hotel. I'll be by myself, so I'm hoping for something a little casual where I can have dinner sitting at the bar, ideally <$20/entree. Type of food doesn't matter much, as long as it's tasty.

From what I've read, it looks like there are a few clusters of restaurants around Monument Circle, along Meridian Street. Does anyone have any specific suggestions in that area or somewhere nearby?

Thanks for all your help,


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  1. There are three restaurants I can recommend within a few minutes walk of the hotel, and all are casual and have bars where you can dine. The Oceanaire is widely recognized as the best seafood restaurant in Indy, and it's my "go to" restaurant, the place I keep going back to because it's always good. Palomino and 14 West are both very good for contemporary American food. All three restaurants are on the same blocks as the Circle Center indoor mall, but have entrances from the street, not from the mall.

    One other place that's just about at your 20-minute walk limit is Euphoria, with contemporary American food. If the weather's nice, you can sit outside on the deck overlooking the downtown skyline. Zing is about the same distance and in the same vicinity; I haven't tried it yet, but have heard good reports.

    There are a lot more places along Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue), the best of which is R Bistro, but they are about two miles away.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, nsxtasy! Glad to know that there are a few good choices near the hotel. I've read a few reviews of R Bistro and it sounds like it might be worth the trek.

      I'll likely only splurge on a pricier dinner one one or two nights. Are there any other suggestions for something maybe a little cheaper/quicker for the other nights?

      Thanks again,


      R Bistro
      888 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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          Euphoria has a sister restaurant called Creation Cafe - I think it's on the lower level of the former Buggs Temple - whose menu is less expensive. However, like Zing, it's not exactly close (although it's not as far as R Bistro).

          If you check with the restaurants, you may find that some of them are still offering the menu from the Devour Downtown promotion held earlier this month, with 3 courses for $30, or something similar. Oceanaire, 14 West, Palomino, Euphoria, and R Bistro all participated in Devour Downtown.

          There are also a lot of restaurants, mostly chains, in the Circle Center Mall. You can see the mall directory at

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            The Slippery Noodle is a couple of blocks away on South Street. Indiana's oldest bar, with decent food and live music every evening after 9.

            The Claddagh Irish Pub is also a couple of blocks away on South Meridian.

            TaTa Cuban Café is four or five blocks away and is just what the name suggests.

            The Saffron Café is about twelve blocks away, and offers good Morrocan/Mediteranean fare.

            Any of these would be appropriate for a night you don't go to Euphoria.



        2. Go out of the hotel, south on Illinois, three blocks, take a left on McCarty. One block. Go to Shapiro's Deli. Eat everything, but do not miss the brownies and the Pastrami. You're welcome.

          Also if you're out late-ish, Scotty's Pub north of Conseco Fieldhouse has some decent bar food and a wide array of beer on tap.

          1. Thanks again, everyone. I ended up at Palomino tonight. It was excellent; good selection of beers on tap and a delicious meatball flatbread.

            I was excited to try R Bistro but I didn't have time tonight and the only other evening I have free is Sunday, when they're closed. Bad luck.

            R Bistro
            888 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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              Indy is horrible about places being closed on Sundays. Half the time I go to the Oceanaire, it's partly because it's one of the few places downtown that are open on Sundays.

            2. I settled on Ram Restaurant and Brewery last night, nothing too remarkable there, but I did make time to go to R Bistro for lunch today (Monday). It was fantastic.....had a bacon and avocado panini with carrot and apple soup. Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions!

              R Bistro
              888 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204