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Aug 21, 2010 09:50 AM

Afternoon Tea near Waterbury / Stowe, VT?

Can anyone please recommend a quaint and picturesque setting to enjoy a hot cup of afternoon tea around Waterbury or Stowe, VT?

Is the Austrian Tea Room near the Von Trapp Lodge worth a visit if we avoid the menu and stick to the tea?


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  1. Uhm, I've never heard any bad things about the Trapp Family Lodge dining in general. I looked at the dining room once (in the afternoon before they were open) and it seems sorta caverny, not very intimate, but it has an outstanding view. There's also Stoweflake, they do an afternoon tea for their guests, but I don't know if they offer it for people to just come for an afternoon tea. Are you hoping for like a full tea service, with cakes/sandwiches, or just some hot tea to enjoy a lovely view?

    Trapp Family Lodge
    700 Trapp Hill Rd, Stowe, VT

    1. I found this on a google search:

      Please come to Afternoon Tea
      at The Governor's House in Hyde Park
      Thursdays and Sundays
      3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
      Reservations required.
      802 888-6888

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        Tea at the Governor's Mansion is SOO worth the trip out there! The setting, the food, the hostess, everything is simply perfect!

      2. There is, apparently, a Moscow Tea House and the Old Vienna Tea Room. I've not got any reviews of either, perhaps a search on this board would turn up something? Sorry to resort to Google on you. Other than those or Liberty Tea...

        1. There is a GREAT place the other side of stow called Perenial Pleasures in Hardwick Vermont everyhthing is a drive and this is well worth it

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            WOW, that looks fantastic and exactly what I was hoping for!

            My girlfriend absolutely loves afternoon tea... either full service or just a fresh pot in a beautiful setting, but we're not looking for overly fancy and stuffy "high tea" experience. She's leaving for school for several months and we're meeting halfway in Stowe tomorrow to spend one last day together. I want to make sure it's perfect and take her to the best spot I can find for a late afternoon tea. We'll be going to Michael's on the Hill for dinner following (maybe a walk or carriage ride first) - I had really wanted to take her to Hen of the Woods but it's closed Mondays.

            Could you please offer more description about Perennial Pleasures... I've passed by the Old Vienna Tea Room several times (was this the location of a Hitchcock film btw or am I confusing that?) and if memory serves, it seemed really nice. I have no idea about the teas or service or anything beyond that.

            Thanks so much for your help!

            Hen of the Wood
            92 Stowe St Ste 1, Waterbury, VT 05676

          2. Just checked into it and while Perennial looks fantastic, it seems to be closed on Mondays and is also a 45-minute drive from Stowe. Since we only have one last day together and limited time, I'd like to find something within Waterbury or Stowe, VT that isn't more than a 20 minute detour in either direction.

            I recall passing by the Old Vienna Tea House but can't seem to find any info available ont he web about this or the Moscow Tea Room at all. I wonder if that's an indicator that maybe they're not worth the trouble?