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Log Cabin Restaurant , Clinton Ct.

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  • Earle Aug 21, 2010 09:15 AM
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I recently heard about this Restaurant and was wondering if any one could shed any light on its food and or any other good or bad features of this place?

Log Cabin
232 Boston Post Rd, Clinton, CT 06413

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  1. We go every year when we stay at the beach for a week. There is a TON of food, the meal comes with salad, pasta served family style and then a huge entree. The food is pretty good, always a long wait if you go at dinner time. This year I think we were there by 4:30 with no wait. The service is good, it would appear a lot of locals come by. It certainly is not fine dining, but good with kids, if you want a huge lunch the next day.

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      Many a moon ago there were three or four Luciano's restaurants with the Log Cabin being in the mix. It was all about GIGANTIC amounts of half @ssed food at low prices. Needless to say all the summer tenants and some of the locals kept them solvent. As it came to pass that lesser wasn't more all the other restaurants slipped under the rug. I have to say I don't know that the Log Cabin is from the same group of restaurants 'cept they still seam to be doing the same type of plating.


      Log Cabin
      232 Boston Post Rd, Clinton, CT 06413