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Aug 21, 2010 08:49 AM

Eating for 2 Days in Annapolis/Easton/St.Michael's area???

Can I get some guidance for dining on a quickie 2-day car trip in this area? So far only have Ken's Creative Kitchen Back Porch & Cantler's on my MUST list. Looking mostly for relaxed, delicious, fresh seafood. Thanks.

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  1. Not exactly the area, but also not far if you're looking for ideas.

    Someone has said Clarke's landing has gone down, but that's just one report. I haven't (we were going to do a weekend thing a few weeks ago but declined at the last minute).

    If you go further East, near the shore, I saw that there are quite a few tacqueria places - like in Georgetown, DE, and nearby.

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      Thanks, but was hoping for some info a whole lot more current. That link was from 2005!

    2. Easton: Mason's or Bartlett Pear Inn.

      St. Michael's: 208 Talbot or Inn at Perry Cabin's restaurant....all excellent

      Annapolis: Carol's Creek, excellent fish

      1. Ken's is literally on an open porch.. so beware of the weather! Kentmorr Marina & Restaurant... really good steamed crabs... right on a nice sandy beach with inside and outside dining... rivals Cantler's in every way. (and I am a fan of Cantler's too) Other than crabs, Kentmorr has a better range of seafood dishes, IMHO.

        1. My son, who lives there, likes the Chart House. Personally I thought the crab dishes at Buddy's were delicious but the place isn't as elegant as CH. I think both menus are online.

          1. 208 Talbot in St. Michael's and The Inn at Tilghman Island, up the road.