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Aug 21, 2010 07:19 AM

LoPorto (Troy)

It's track season and we've eaten at most of Schenectady's Italian restaurants/Little Italy so we headed to LoPorto's in Troy. Me for the first time, SO had been many times.

Service was excellent, thanks to our server Tammy. Atmosphere is old world Italian complete with Frank Sinatra and opera music.

The menu says "Our food is made to order. Please give us time to prepare it to your satisfaction." This pacing was appreciated. After we ordered wine and appetizers our server graciously gave us some time to read the menu and order our entrees. Since it was my first time at LoPorto's I appreciated her suggestions. LoPorto's really means "One Meal at a Time" . . .

We ordered calamari and requested marinara sauce (it comes with cocktail sauce). We also had clams casino without the bacon. Fresh warm bread was served (more appeared during our meal).

The apps were good. Calamari didn't compare to Bloomer's or Saratoga National's. Marinara sauce was excellent.

Entrees come with a salad, potato/vegetable or a side of pasta. We both had penne with marinara sauce for our side. SO also had some zucchini in olive oil.

For mains SO had eggplant parmesan and I had the champagne chicken. The mains were very good. I had never heard of champagne chicken before and really enjoyed the cream sauce with mushrooms, orange slices and of course, champagne.

Portions were huge, LoPorto's is an excellent value.

We had espresso and shared a cannoli for dessert. The cannoli was very good. Crispy just like it should be. Surprised they didn't have tiramisu or gelato.

It was nice to see Chef Michael and Carmelo LoPorto make the time to stop by tables and greet diners.

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  1. I am happy/surprised you were so well served and fed. I/we have eaten there a couple of times (not recently) and SO was never happy with the service. No one could mix an Old Fashioned for starters and she was never really satisfied with the food either. Granted she was a demanding diner, LoPorto never really measured up and in recent years when passing by we were not tempted to give it another chance.

    1. I have always enjoyed the food. The location does not always enter my mind.

      1. Went back again. This time we sat in a room upstairs with Italian murals. We had wine so no worries about getting a proper cocktail. We tried:


        *Tomatoes with red peppers and anchovies
        *Oysters rockefeller


        *Chicken cacciatori
        *Seafood with pasta
        *Fettucini with ?

        All good. Liked our choice of appetizers better this time. Had espresso, skipped dessert.