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Aug 21, 2010 07:14 AM

Indian Dinner Buffets on Saturday Near Phoenixville

Going to be in the area this evening (Saturday) and would love to sample some Indian food. I generally stick to buffets since it allows me to try a lot of different things at a reasonable price. Would be willing to travel a little bit out of my way if you have a suggestion. Remember reading that there are some terrific places in Montco. but don't recall names or buffet availability. Help!

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  1. If you're willing to travel a littler farther than Phoenixville, there are a ton of Indian restaurants in Norristown/King of Prussia/Valley Forge area. (I'm sorry, I don't know Phoenixville area well but it's only a few minutes north on 422 of the areas I just mentioned.)

    In KOP, there's Desi Village on South Gulf Rd. We had take out there, so I'm not sure of their buffet, but their food was amazing. Their samosas are the size of baseballs.

    On 202 in the Gateway Shopping Center in Wayne (near the Trader Joes) there's A Taste of India. While I've personally never had anything from there, a co-worker and friend of mine swears by their weekend buffets.

    In Norristown on Dekalb Pike, though actually closer to Plymouth Meeting, there's Aman's. Aman's is my personal favorite. It looks junky from the outside - in a strip mall shopping center next to a Big Lots - it's never let me down.

    Good luck hope you find something. There are also a few other places in Norristown, the Dosa Hut and Jaipur. I've just driven past them, never been in though.

    Hope that helps! Good luck

    PS Amans and Taste of India, I think they only do lunch buffets, not dinner, so you may want to call and confirm.

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      The Dosa Hut and Chat House is actually in Trooper about 200 yards west of Valley Forge Road. They recently expanded with a large new addition that looks like they're going after the fine(r) dining crowd than could be accommodated in the stainless steel tables with plastic plates cafeteria set-up in the original. They've been there over two years, which is a good sign, but i have yet to go.

      P,S, I'll also vouch for the Taste of India buffet at Gateway. Excellent.

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        Technically, Dosa Chaat House is in Eagileville and has good dosas and Indo-chinese dishes as well.

        Devi in Exton has great vegetarian South Indian options

        Taste of India in the gateway shopping center is probably the best northern Indian cuisine in the area.

        Taste of India
        348 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901

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          i'll third (or fourth) a taste of india in the gateway shopping center, however they do an a la carte dinner service and not a buffet (though if you can get down there earlier, their saturday lunch buffet is really something special).

          there are an absolute ton of places in that area, but a taste of india, royal india and bawarchi (for south indian) are the best out of the lot, last time i visited.

    2. I second Aman's in East Norriton at 202 and Germanton Pike. Their food is the measuring stick I use for all other Indian restaurants now and they always measure up. Aman has buffet at lunch only. We always order off the menu because the idea of food warming and not made fresh is not appetizing to me. Goat Biryani, cheese made in the tandoor oven appetizer (cant remember name of it), garlic nan are all favorites.

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        Unfortunately, I was not impressed by Aman's the last time I visited (about a year ago). Will give them another shot.