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Aug 21, 2010 06:39 AM

Driving from Rome to Sorrento

I'll be leaving Rome on 22 August around 1:00 pm to drive to Vico Equense (by Sorrento). Where would you recommend I drop off the autostrada to eat? I have allowed 5 hours to get there. It will be a quickish stop, but I would prefer to eat something 'local'.

Any ideas?

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  1. A search of the last week would have turned up this thread, started by my asking the same query.

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    1. re: ghiottone

      Thanks - but pizza isn't my number one option. I was looking for a sit-down place to enjoy my Italian meal. Not too expensive, but something slightly more memorable.

      1. re: Paulustrious

        um I recommended at least on sit down place on that thread.

        Some others from Slowfood etc. Enoteca Federici in Ceprano, PIazza Martini di Via Fani,8
        open for lunch and dinner, closed Tues, right off the autostrada, Divino Amore in Frosinone,Via Sacra Famiglia,3, closed Sun, 10-31 August (well that one will likely not work for you), Gambero Rosso recommends Sellari, via di Cipresso 28, a Trattoria also in Frosinone which is closed Sat and in July, Also Gli Scacchi in Caserta Vecchia, closed Mon, Ai Caprioli at Casagiove,via Case Sparse,24 however closed 10 da in Ferragosto (Quattro Fontane in the same town is closed Sunday AND August). If you make it as far as Ercolano, Viva Lo Re is very good, closed sun eve mon and in august (oh well).

        1. re: jen kalb

          Two things ...
          1) Thanks so much for these. I'll check them out.
          2) I ignored the thread as it was entitled "Pizza on the A1". I know threads morph, but it seemed unlikely to contain what I wanted - Apologies to you.

          1. re: Paulustrious

            frankly, I was thinking of Ghiottone's parents and how much more I would like to sit down for a nice meal on arrival in Italy than to have to grab a slice and keep driving!

            Hope you have a good trip and look forward to hearing about it!