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Aug 21, 2010 06:07 AM

Anything special to be done with a lot of fresh bay leaves?

I have a large-for-a-windowsill bay laurel that needs a little pruning. I don't have a BBQ grill or smoker, so I can't use up the trimmings that way, and I've got more dried leaves already than I can use in a year! Anyone ever hear of recipes/cooking techniques that call for a lot of fresh bay leaves?

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  1. put tem in a jar, top with a good vodka, wait a month and enjoy on ice (the vodka, not the leaves).

    1. I have a large bay in amongst the flowers in the garden. When it needs a good pruning, I'd tend to sit a joint of lamb or pork to be roasted on the cuttings.

      1. Bay is one of those herbs where you generally don't use a lot at one time....try roasting a chicken with the leaves in between the skin & meat, simmer a few in a pot of tomato sauce or a pot of potatoes with chopped garlic & a few bay leaves. If you're into preserving, you could make some jam or preserves with bay as the base flavor with maybe some cherry tomatoes or in an olive spread in which the olives are simmered with the leaves.

        Bay leaves go very well in Mediterranean cuisine. If all else fails, you could freeze them while you decide what to do with them or perhaps sell some?

        1. Make up small packets of fresh bay leaves and give them away to friends, along with a recipe or two for how to use them.

          1. Bay-scented potatoes: Make 3 or 4 slices in a potato like a fan (not cutting all the way through. Put a fresh bay leaf in each slit, then bake the potato. Gives the potatoes a lovely, delicate flavor.

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              I made this in my French cooking class. It was very good! We used new potatoes and put one bay leaf in each.