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Aug 21, 2010 04:52 AM

Kid-friendly Restaurant Good Enough for Adult Chowhounds Near Marble Arch (London)

My niece and nephew (10 and 12 years old) will only eat penne pasta, pizza, or chips in restaurants. (I know it's bad... but hopefully they'll grow out of it soon). Any recommendations as to where we could go around Marble Arch that would make them happy but not make the Chowhound adults at the table groan? So far, we've had lunch at Ask with the kids, and the Chowhound adults were none too impressed. (We knew we weren't gonna be happy with Ask, but the kids were starved and that was the most convenient place at the time.) Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Take the Tube to Covent Garden and take the kids to Belgo... good frites and maybe they eat chicken, too? The adults will enjoy the good chicken or moules, and I've never taken kids there that didn't like the waiters dressed as monks. I'm not sure where the other branches are, but there might be one closer to Marble Arch.

    The adults may groan at Cafe Rouge, but the kids can find chips there, too.

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      Thanks. Will look into Belgo and Cafe Rouge.

    2. Tried Zizzi a couple of days ago. Kids loved it. Adults were happy that the kids were happy. Pasta and pizza dishes were nice. In general, the food was good, but nothing too special. The desserts looked really good, but we didn't have any. Very family friendly restaurant. There were quite a few tables with babies/toddlers/young children. Definitely not a Chowhound restaurant, but not bad for takeaway or lazy nights when we don't feel like cooking or travelling far for a meal.

      We had:
      - pizza margherita - average
      - seafood risotto - not great
      - spaghetti meatballs - very good (we substituted spaghetti with fettuccine, and must say that their fettuccine was quite good)
      - linguine with prawns - good

      1. We have had decent meals at Carluccio's. The food is solid and my kids loved it (we went to the St. Christopher's Place location).