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Aug 21, 2010 04:15 AM

Iranian Food in London; some intelligence

An Iranian colleague tells me that in his view the place to go for authentic, home-cooking style Iranian food is Ealing Kebab, website It is a modest sort of place, not expensive at all, with authentic Iranian dishes such as Zereshk Polo - rice and barberries served with chicken (and he said you can't get barberries in the UK!) - cost £7.00. For the more adventurous, there is also soup with sheep's tongues and feet. On the whole the menu isn't massive, which isn't a bad sign at all in my view.

Unfortunately I don't travel much around London, apart from my daily commute from South London to Essex (via Thattukada!) so I can't see myslelf getting there in the forseeable future, if ever, but perhaps some Ealing based Chowhounders could report. I'd certainly like to try it.

My Iraninian colleague reckons that Mohsen isn't as good as it was, which is a tragedy for me as I still haven't been able to go there yet, and now it seems I've missed its glory years. On my suggestion he is going to try Simurgh in Covent Garden, the only Iranian restaurant in London I've been to, and report back.

PS - anyone tried La Movida, the Spanish restaurant in Battersea yet?

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  1. It will be interesting to read what he thinks about Simurgh. Haven't been there in a couple of years, but we've always enjoyed the place quite a bit ourselves.

    1. Sorry to hear about Mohsen but thanks for the update. Got a bunch of places in Battersea to check out; had earmarked La Movida's a few months ago after reading your earlier post.

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        fwiw, i haven't noticed mohsen sliding downhill at all.

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          OK that's good to know! Still gotta get the fesenjen there.

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            Glad to hear Mohsen is still good. Perhaps my friend had an off day there. Regarding Simurgh, it has mixed reviews, but one thing is definitely true - the manager is a grumpy so-and-so. Thanks for the Havez recommendation brokentelephone.

        2. I heartily recommend Hafez on Hereford Rd near Bayswater/Notting Hill -- Mohsen is alright as well, but I far prefer Hafez (plus its a more attractive setting).

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          1. I've never had problems finding barberries here, unless you are talking about fresh ones.

            1. Just ate at Mohsen, still good as ever.