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Aug 20, 2010 10:21 PM

A quick review of River House, Portsmouth NH (formerly "The Stockpot") because I'm sure you were wondering

For those who are wondering if "that place that's replacing The Stockpot" is any good, my reply is that it is, but it's about four to five dollars more expensive for each main dish. (They go from about $9 to $20 now)

That lower balcony - still one of the best eating settings in all of New England - is still there.

There is a new upstairs balcony too, but the menu is limited and dinner only; check carefully.

The food's quality appears to be exactly the same, particularly their seafood chowder which is still highly recommended.

Service is OK, not exceptional, but certainly not horrible; they could hire one or two more people I think - or one could just eat in off hours, not Friday at 12:15 in mid August like we did.

It's still a popular destination even with the higher prices.

A couple of differences:
1.) The new balcony (mentioned above)
2.) Higher prices (also mentioned above)
3.) A new new waiting area on the lower balcony where you can order drinks if you want. But there's no pressure put on you to order anything.
4.) Separate menus for lower and upper floors are clearly displayed on the front door before you go in.

It's still a nice casual lunch place with a fabulous view of the waterfront from either balcony.


River House
195 Woodcleft Ave, Freeport, NY 11520

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  1. Nice review. I've heard a mixed bag of reports about the place. I was impressed with the renovations (went in just after they first opened, but had already eaten). Everyone RAVES about the chowder, but not much is said about anything else on the menu. One thing I found interesting is that they won the Prescott Park Chowder Festival (judge's pick) about a month before the place had actually opened, which I thought was a total farce.

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      1. re: chefj

        I've been thinking about this for a day now and, to be totally honest, I cannot say exactly why. I'm sure the chowder is excellent and it really was a great way to promote their business before they were actually open. So, yeah, my comment of their winning the competition being a "total farce" does appear unwarranted.

        1. re: bewley

          You know because I respect your posts,I kind of let that one slide, but maybe their kitchen was functioning, its legitimate,same receipe etc but sometimes, I think we all have the knee jerk response and I think it's nice of you to admit it. But in regard to chowder contests what bugs me here in Portland, is that sometimes the submissions bear no resemlance to what they actually serveExample, Gilberts Chowder House, the worst I have ever had and a Perrenial winner of best chowder in Portland! Thanks bewly keep chowing

          Chowder House
          RR 16, North Conway, NH 03860

    1. Ugh, I can't get rid of the rogue link on this message; this restaurant is the PORTSMOUTH NH one!

      1. We went to the River House last night and will not go back because of the disastrous service. It appears there is something systemically flawed in the way the restaurant is managed, which makes me thinks we were not the victims of an aberration. Things were so bad we watched the staff argue with each other, which gave us something to do during the interminable wait for dinner. The food, when it finally arrived, was merely o.k. but missing the chips that were supposed to come with the lobster roll. The space is pleasant and the view is beautiful but those two positives can't make up for average food and atrocious service.

        53 Bow St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        1. I've lived in Portsmouth 18 years and think the River House is a huge improvement over the Stockpot---foodwise---atmosphere---service....but then again I never go on the weekends or prime summer-time days! Give it another chance - cp

          The Riverhouse Cafe
          123 Union Sq, Milford, NH 03055