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Aug 20, 2010 08:52 PM

Lunch in/nr Milano Centrale station

This board has been a wealth of information for my upcoming trip to Piemonte and Bologna/Parma. Thanks to everyone who posted on their trips!

There is one meal where I am lacking guidance - we will be flying into Milan around 11am and heading straight to Milano Centrale to take a train to Asti. Since we'll need to eat lunch in or near Milano Centrale, does anyone have any suggestions for places for great food? We'll have an hour or so for lunch and with luggage we don't want to trek too far from the station. Casual is important, but tasty is even more important.

Can't wait...

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  1. The restaurant Joia is walking distance from the station (at least I know we walked it). It's a fabulous gourmet restaurant but vegetarian plua a little fish. I put off going for years and then finally chose it because we needed a nice lunch near the station and it was summer, so veg seemed OK. Well, it was amazing -- so imaginative, so delicate, so interesting. For people in a hurry (this being Milan), they have a little bento-style lunch plate with four courses served at once, but if you have time, I'd go for more food. It's casual enough. You'll have to study the logistics. Otherwise, there's a SlowFood place near the station, Osteria del Treno, I think. But Joia is an experience.

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      Pietro Leeman is considered one of the most famous chefs in Italy and his restaurant Joia, the first vegeterian high end restaurant in Italy, is still considered among the best. I think they also eliminated fish completely from their menu last winter. As expected from the only vegeterian restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star, prices range 85 euros a la carte. Leeman used to have The Joia Leggero that closed down, unfortunately, a couple of years ago. I think, as mbfant suggested, you could not choose a better restaurant and so close to Milano Centrale, the railway station.

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        Wow, I'm glad I asked! That sounds like a fantastic way to start the vacation. Thank you for the tip - we'll definitely go if the logistics work. Otherwise, Osteria del Treno looks very good too.