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Aug 20, 2010 08:09 PM

Satin Black Le Creuset

Hi there,

I have a Satin Black Le Creuset 6.7 L dutch oven -- do I need to season and wash it like a cast iron fry pan?

I can't find the care instructions that came with it and the LC website doesn't have any specific instructions for the Satin Black finish (they do for enamel and grill pans).


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  1. The satin black requires no seasoning or special care. You treat it like their regular enamel ovens. Unlike the glossy sand interior though, it does season over time as oils build up in the pores of the enamel and become polymerized. You can speed up that process by seasoning it if you wish and it will become more nonstick faster. It doesn't require it though. It can withstand higher heat than the sand enamel.

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