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Aug 20, 2010 08:01 PM

Gelato Milano


I can't vouch for any of these places but recently the Corriere Della Sera published a guide to 11 shops around Milan. Though most of them are a bit out of the center, intrepid tasters should be able to use the map and find these places with no problem. The first on my list to try is Cioccolati Italiani described as a "pagan temple to the chocolate god."

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  1. Hmm didn't they used to give chocolate to sacrificial persons in Aztec empire in order to calm their nerves before they met their god? Tread carefully!

    Thanks for the list. Is there a GROM in Milano? I am sure it would be central.

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      I knew there was one right by La Scala but it turns out there are five GROM in Milano.