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Aug 20, 2010 07:47 PM

roaring forks beef jerky

we did a jerky crawl a few years back,my wife loves,and i mean loves beef jerky.roaring forks was awesome,lucky they had enough to sell us a bag,we also hit the jackpot on our way out of lockhart,when someone told us about buckees truckstop,this place had like 30 different wife spent like 100$,some amazing ones too,but nothing as good as the roaring forks,so were coming out in a few weeks,any new contenders for the best jerky ??is roaring forks still selling the goods?casino el camino still have a good burger?man i cant wait to get there!!!!

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  1. As far as I am concerned, Roaring Fork is still the very best beef jerkey I've had. Gosh, how I love that jerky. The Stonelake location hasn't carried it so far. I wish so much that we could pressure them to... doubtful, though. It's worth the trip downtown from the NW side. Call first because they don't always have it.

    I think you might be coming in from south of town, but driving into Austin from Dallas, Robertson's (near Salado) is my second choice. It's not quite as crisp but very good.

    Last trip to Casino was disappointing. The once delicious, juicy burger was dry, over-cooked and boring... we ordered medium rare and the spicy one... which was dry and, like I mentioned, boring.. You might want to check out Red's Porch. Their Border Burger was so much better. It was fresh, spicy and delish and cooked to order. There's also a great view from the upstairs patio.

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      thanks for the recs,yeah were coming down from dallas.we havent booked a room yet,last time we stayed on south congress,which was pretty awesome.saw alot of really good music @continental club,really good coffee at jo"s,etc...its been 3 years since we were there,cant wait .thanks for the tips,were pretty much open to everything,especially "street food",food trucks,etc.

    2. I love the Roaring Fork's jerky and like Buc-ee's but my favorite jerky comes from Granzin's in New Braunfels. I absolutely love their dry jerky which is still tender enough to not require 100 chews to eat. But I also really like their "soft jerky" which is a pastrami like smoked meat that they sell. I like to make sandwiches with it, and eat it with crackers and cheese, and is a refreshing change from summer sausage. If you are near New Braunfels, I highly recommend them,