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Aug 20, 2010 06:11 PM

Crestline seafood company

We're visiting Birmingham and had dinner tonight at CSC and were very pleased. The restaurant is very simple,not a "fine dining" atmosphere,but friendly,very informal service..plastic plates and utensils,nice modest wine selection...but most important fresh,very tasty seafood. We shared a main plate of crab cakes, $ 12.95' and a half pound of grilled(sauteed)fresh shrimp same price,I think, each with a small salad and a terrific hunk of corn pudding. They also sell and serve a limited variety of fresh fish and I'm certain that the gulf oysters will be wonderful as soon as they can get them. We already ordered the corn pudding and 4 lbs of shrimp for thanksgiving.....all in all CSC is a very worthy spot .

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  1. great to hear_ i've heard great things about it!!

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      oops, forgot to give location....63 church st ....crestline village al. 205 637 7460 and also forgot to mention that the gumbo at $3.95 for a large cup was in addition to being a bargain was wonderful with a perfect level of spiceness

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        You should consider a new username. Unless you're FROM Boca. Just sayin'

    2. They have a smoked fish dip that is pretty awesome. Also have gotten Royal Reds from them in the past at a decent. but not great, price. I keep forgetting to eat there...

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        Had the gumbo there tonight which was just ok. The grilled grouper sandwich was great for about $9 plus $2 for a side of corn pudding, which was pretty darn tasty too. It's a good, inexpensive and casual seafood option which I very much welcome.

      2. Went there for lunch the other day and had the gumbo (very good) and the crab cakes (also very good). They have wine for retail sale and charge a corking fee if you want to have it with your meal. Will have to do that for dinner there.

        Look forward to returning for dinner.