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Cracking an egg into soup

I'm a big sucker for cracking a whole egg into a bowl of hot soup and just letting it sit for a moment before digging in.

The whites set just on this side of being jiggly, and the yolk is still runny but nice and warm.

And the whole bowl of soup takes on a whole new dimension -- denser, even a bit creamy -- and for some reason the flavors also seem just a bit more balanced and robust.

I do this all the time with ...
... Chinese "Sour & Hot" Soup
... Tomato Soup (sort of a soup version of Eggs in Purgatory)
... Corn chowder
... Split pea soup

But I'm always looking for new ideas.

Do you do this? And if so, what soups do you use?

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  1. I don't don' t for soups.....but I put egg yolks into my white cream pasta sauce.....on top in a formed well.

    EDIT: Actually, when I come home late at night and do not want to go into a full production for a meal....I make ramen soup with a soft poached egg. After the soup is gone, I mix the broken egg into the noodles....same idea as the pasta

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      I do that with rice sometimes. After it's done cooking and with the rice still in the rice cooker, dig a well, drop an egg, close lid for a minute. Eat!

    2. I do this! With any soup, I am a soup fiend! Imagine a slow cooked garlic soup...

      1. I do this with packaged ramen.

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          I used to do it with packaged udon noodles.

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            Same here, I seperate the yolk and drizzle in the white while stirring. This makes tender egg white strands all through the soup. Then I take the pot off the heat and slide in the yolk right before I eat so it runs all over the noodles when I break it.

          2. I do this with the broth from a fondue after I am done fonduing. I do cook the eggs till poached. You could throw in some noodles first, and then the egg.

            1. I add an egg to hot and sour, which is a my favorite soup when I feel under the weather; clears the sinuses and eliminates the aches and pains of flu. Sometimes I beat the egg first, sometimes I just crack it and let it poach in the soup. I also like a poached egg in a cup of vegetable soup, anything with greens, broccoli, spinach, kale, chard or beet tops. Eggs and greens fit nicely, the lean greens and the rich fat of the yolk are comforting and healing.

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                You mean the hot and sour soup clear sinuses and eliminates aches and pains, right? Or do you mean the egg does that?

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                  The soup does, with egg or without, but the egg adds a extra dimension of comfort.

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                    I always drizzle a whipped egg into hot and sour soup, but I've never tired a poached egg. Well the hot and sour sour already has the vinegar in the water. ;-)

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                  So with you on the hot and sour soup! Never thought of poaching an egg in it though. On my list to do- hot and sour for the freezer with a note about poached eggs!

                3. I do that for instant noodle.

                  1. I don't know about in a bowl...but a few cracked into a pot of Gumbo and allowed to poach...then ladled into a bowl is a treat.....

                    1. Try a poached egg on top of mashed potatoes. There's a comfort food.

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                        This is utter genius.

                        Although I think I'm going to just just create a crater in the mashed potatoes and drop a raw egg into it. Sort of like "egg gravy"!

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                          Maybe do a scotch egg wrapped in mashed potatoes like hash browns and egg just barely cooked.

                      2. I love the warm Spanish garlic soup (Sopa de Ajo - spelling assistance always accepted) with an egg yolk added before serving. Shrimp and lobster sauce with the pink shrimp, green onions and yellow yolk added at the last moment on the bubbling white background looks so abstract expressionistic. My quickest Asian comfort dish is a can of chicken stock, a little cornstarch and chopped scallions with an egg lightly swirled in and, Voila! - eggdrop soup.

                        However,,,,,,,not to be a downer, the umpteen gazillion egg recall has me cooking more thoroughly until the scare is over.

                        1. The best restaurant onion soup I ever had was topped with a splash of madeira and a raw egg, which you stirred into the bowl.

                          1. i like egg with a garlic miso broth, various wild sliced mushrooms, kale, bok choy, mustard greens, etc. either with egg drizzled in or a poached egg atop. i always sip out the broth first, so the runny yolk is good with the veggies...

                            1. Soon dubu just wouldn't be the same without the raw egg cracked in right before consumption. Also delicious with Ramen, Neoguri, Kimchi Jigae and French onion soup.

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                                I enthusiastically agree with all of soypower's suggestions! I love the richness that the barely-cooked egg adds to super-spicy soups, but I also drop an egg into very lean vegetable broths to turn them into light meals.

                              2. I've seen it done with lots of green soups, like spinach, asparagus, pea, etc. It seems to be popular in the UK more than it is here. They also use poached eggs on salads (I seem to remember Antonia putting a poached egg on a warm spinach and rice salad)...if you watch any early season of Gary Rhodes (1 michelin star TV celebrity chef in the UK) he puts an egg on basically everything he ever cooks.

                                1. My SO love it when I poach eggs in lipton chicken noodle soup. I start the soup add the noodles cook for 2-3 mins. Then as the soup is simmering, I drop in a few eggs and put the lid on and 2 - 3 mins later chicken noodle soup with poached eggs.....love it

                                  1. wow- you guys are such sensualists! I'd never have thought about it, but I'm going to now, you betcha.
                                    I thought putting an egg on sonoran enchiladas was over the top, then I discovered the quesadilla with a fried egg inside. I just made it up, and it rocks. Eggs are the unctuous answer.

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