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Aug 20, 2010 04:08 PM

Gourmet Coffee in Orlando?

Hi all!

I am new to this board as I just moved to Orlando from Detroit. When I lived there, I used to buy Lavazza and Illy Coffee from my local gourmet grocery stores, Papa Joes Market and Plum Market. Does anyone know where I can find these brands or other gourmet coffee here? If any of you are from Detroit, do you know of any upscale Gourmet grocery shoppes down here?

Thank you!!

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  1. You can but "illy" coffee at the Fresh Market. There are various locations in the Orlando area (I like the Dr. Phillips store). The Fresh Market also has other gourmet coffee brands.

    Hope this helps!!!

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      You can buy Lavavzza at Antonio's Cafe & Deli, 611 South Orlando Ave (17-92) Maitland, in the downstairs deli. They have a range of imported Italian products, wine, liquor, meats and cheese. Downstairs is a deli with decent food. Upstairs is fine dining Italian, very good.
      I believe they may even have Illy, not sure.
      They're web site, only Maitland has retail.

    2. I just went to Williams Sonoma and saw that they carry several gourmet-type coffees, illy amoing them.

      1. World Market sells Illy Coffee, and at a great price. They have other gourmet coffees and have a nice grinder in the store. They have three locations in the Orlando area:

        1. Perhaps either of the two Whole Foods in Orlando. They probably don't carry these two specialty brands, but may carry other coffees that are fair trade and gourmet.

          Whole Foods Market
          8003 Turkey Lake Road, Phillips Crossing
          Orlando, FL 32819

          Whole Foods Market
          1989 Aloma Ave,
          Winter Park, FL 32792

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            Fresh Market sells Counter Culture and Intelligentsia, both of which are excellent.

          2. The original comment has been removed