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Aug 20, 2010 04:00 PM

Still a Few Kouign Amann Left at Patisserie Philippe

Thanks to cyssf's initiative and persuasive powers, Patisserie Philippe baked a batch of kouign amann today! I just collected my share, after sampling a piece, and it was a buttery delight--crisp and caramelized exterior, richly buttery interior. I think I might have to go back to France to find better one. (No, I am not attempting it--too busy slaving over those benighted canelés.)

It's not a fancy cake--don't expect anything pretty or impressive looking, just a buttery, not-too-sweet cousin to a croissant. (Sorry for repeating "buttery" so often, but it is the raison d'être of the cake.)

Patisserie Philippe (moving)
655 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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  1. with just 10 minutes before the 6 pm closing time, I just phoned to ask about the Kouign Amann - all gone by 2 pm today.

    1. Was this part of a special order or do they have them frequently now?
      Also, do they put orange blossom water essence in the pastry? I really wanted to like their almond croissants a few months ago but I didn't like that they added orange blossom water which ended up dominating the flavor of the almonds and almond paste.

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      1. re: Mari

        Special Orders (415) 558-8016

        1. re: Mari

          No orange blossom water in the kouign amann--just butter, sugar, flour, salt,and yeast, as far as I could tell. And, of course, more butter.

          And, yes, I'd happily order it again! I hope they'll lighten up on the caramel around the edges, but that seems like a minor issue when one has a scrumptious kouign amann at all.

          1. re: pilinut

            PS I like the caramel! And I'm not a sweet eater generally.

          2. re: Mari

            If you look at Madeleine Kamman's recipe, she calls for orange blossom water, but Philippe Delarue did not put any in ours. I think Pilinut said we will have to wait until after Labor day for another special request....if any of you do this please contact me and let me have one of them! Sorry Cynsa that I didn't realize that you wanted one too. So whoever orders, please get at least three. For my special order he made three large cakes and several smaller ones.