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Aug 20, 2010 02:25 PM

New Jersey Drive

Hi. The lady and i were thinking of taking a nice lazy drive on Saturday. We'd like to relax near a lake, or mountains, or just someplace scenic. And then have a nice laid-back dinner and watch the sun go down. We're not really looking for an expensive restaurant - but obviously we want to eat really good food. Any ideas on where to go? Starting point is Hoboken, NJ, and we'd like to avoid the Jersey Shore....thinking of Lake Hopatcong, never been...or....thoughts?

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  1. How about Alice's? It's right on Lake Hopatcong. As far as the food, the kitchen is headed by David Drake, considered to be one of the best in NJ. Here is a link for the restaurant -
    Enjoy your Saturday.

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      Hubby and I went on a drive to the Blairstown Farmers Market yesterday, and then headed to the Boathouse at Swartswood Lake. (on Route 521) Nice al fresco dining at the edge of the lake. Food is mostly pub grub, but well done.


    2. I agree with bgut1. Alice's was the first place that popped into my mind, even before you mentioned Lake Hopatcong.

      You may want to read some of the comments about Alice's before you make a commitment. The few reviews on this board have been rather mixed. For example.....

      Here are some "professional" reviews that may be of interest:

      1. Maybe late for you, but the Chatterbox in Augusta NJ is very good, and is a drive-in restaurant.

        1. A well-kept secret among the locals is Antelao Restaurant, just over the Pa border in Delaware Water Gap. This is a gorgeous area, the actual gap itself was carved out of the mountains by the Delaware River a few millenia ago..This gem in an old Victorian house only has 14 tables, so reservations are a must, but you will be very very happy you went. Food made with care and with the freshest local ingredients.