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Aug 20, 2010 01:54 PM

El Molino Central, Boyes Hot Springs [Sonoma]

Stopped by this little gem for lunch today with Hubby and a friend.

I had the Tamales Del Dia (one of each) chicken mole and green chile cheese. The green chile flavor was lovely and mild. This tamale also had fresh corn kernels inside the tamale. It made for a light and lovely tamale on a nicely warm day. The chicken mole was equally delicious, in a polar opposite type of way. The mole was smokey and rich with a lovely ballance of sweet, smoke, and tang.

Hubby had the fish tacos. These tacos come with deep fried fish, avo-mayo, cabbage, and some radishes. I wished there had been more fish, but what fish was in there was really nice. It was fried in a crispy batter and fried darkish brown like we like. The Tapatio and lime he added definitely kicked up the flavor profile.

Friend had the Chalupas de Pollo (Mexican street food masa boats with beans, chicken, salsa verde, onions, cilantro, and avocado.) The masa in these Chalupas was also a stand out. I think if you go to El Molino you owe it to yourself to get something with the masa. Just too tender to believe. The chalupas also benefitted from a touch of Tapatio.

I had a gravenstein apple juice from a local purveyor. Friend had a lime aqua fresca. Both were delicious.

This is a wonderful spot. Cute little patio out back, very prompt service (despite what I'd read from others.) Definitely worth a trip from SR or Sonoma (or anywhere.)


Happy Chowing!


El Molino Central
11 Central Avenue, Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95476

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  1. Your description of the masa in the Chalupas de Pollo is very encouraging. I had those and loved them except for the masa which was so tough I couldn't cut it with the plastic knife provided. I now assume I got a bad "do" of that masa boat.

    1. sounds good, I want to try it.

      1. I was planning to eat at this place last weekend but every seat was full. Seems like they must intend mostly takeout.

        1. I agree. The freshness and richness of the Masa makes the Tamales and those Chalupas standout. That had to be the best tamale I've ever had. Looking forward to going back this weekend.

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          1. re: IanW

            here's the Chalupa...
            the chile relleno and the tinga - all delicious. The tinga has a lovely smokiness.

            At 12:30 pm this afternoon, we were the only diners eating-in. By the time we finished at 1:40 pm - people were waiting for tables.