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Aug 20, 2010 01:38 PM


Dealys, cancellations, etc, I don't agree with all in this guide but it is worth keeping it on your I phone.

On page 3 JFK, check out the link for Don Peppe's click the highlighted "Mr Meatball", this place is good!!

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  1. the recommendation for washington reagan is totally ludicrous -- suggesting (beside 5 guys) a trip to crystal city (a mile away through some very strange routing, by the way) to a kabob place.

    i know there is a very decent resto in the airport, as i had some "dwell time" last march. cibo bistro and wine bar (though a bloody mary was bloody $11!).

    i haven't been to sam and harry's there, but that is a well respected restaurant name around town. (but it isn't on the list you link, either).

    1. Let's specify that these are the 'best' US airport dining options.

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        no, that's not so.... at least not at dc's reagan national. i suspect that locals could tell us better options at each location, were they to weigh in here.

        1. re: alkapal

          DC isn't in the US? I guess taxation without representation is getting to everyone.

        2. re: Lizard

          I wouldn't even go that far, as some of the suggestions are 5-8 miles away from the airport. Those really aren't practical options if you have a layover or need somewhere walking distance from an airport hotel. The option in my city is very close as the crow flies, but is challenging to access. For the amount of time you'll spend getting there, you can probably access half the decent restaurants in the city!

          1. re: queencru

            'Best' were the words used on the link title sorry-- certainly not my claims. I was simply limiting its claims as when I went to check, I found only US airports on the list, and I don't end up at those.

            1. re: Lizard

              Hey.....This was posted with the disclaimer...."Least Offensive", so please don't shoot the messinger; I am just reporting the news!!!!!!! The editor for this list is an expert on getting perks, upgrades, reduced First/Business tickets, NOT necessarily a food guy....

              1. re: ospreycove

                Oops, I keep stepping in it. I was trying to deal with the way it seemed like I was claiming it was best, when really all I wanted to do was warn readers that the list referred to US airports only.

                I should stop now. Plus, I'm grateful when any of these lists are posted!

        3. As i commented on the article, the Baltimore recs are terrible. G&M does a horrible crab cake. I ate at the Greene Turtle in Fells Point once and was disgusted by it. You'd do far better staying at the airport and eating at Au Bon Pain or Arby's.

          1. I agree with the Santarpios in Boston. I tried to stop there on my way back from the airport @ 11:30pm , but they were already closing down for the night. I should have called from the runway and ordered a pie to go.:(.

            I don't understand why they would send someone 5 miles down a highway in Baltimore, but not 1 mile to downtown Boston.

            Probably the best part of the Green Turtle recommendation in Bmore is that it is a bar.

            I would also add Anchor Steam @ the San Francisco airport. And really any local brewery outlet in any airport (not necessarily for food, but to try different beers)

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              This can be a starting point for chowhound recommendations - and please, not only in the US.

              The coffee at Brûlerie St-Denis at Montréal's airport (officially Trudeau now, though most people call it Dorval) is quite decent. And more important, there are tables where one can sit for a good long time.