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Aug 20, 2010 01:12 PM

Avner Samuel--NOSH Euro Bistro

Just learned that AS will be soon opening NOSH in the expanded Aurora space. Will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. One interesting aspect is a "food bar incorporated into the open kitchen." Sounds interesting. Supposed to open in mid-September.

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  1. Just received an e-mail that NOSH is now open for dinner and will be open for lunch beginning tomorrow. The menu looks very promising.

    1. Was first customer last night. 5star room,service and food. Incredible prices.

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          Started with the hummus and avocado/crispy prosciutto crostinis, both were just the right amount for two. My wife had the gazpacho then the beet salad. I went with the NOSH version of the wedge. Not a huge salad but loaded with blue cheese, bacon, home made croutons and dressing, red and yellow tear drop tomatoes. Great fresh flavor in the soup and both salads. I then had the pan roasted chicken which tasted like a chicken finally!!!!! Avner came by and mentioned that it was an organic bird raised just a few miles outside of Dallas.
          The chicken came with the best damn mashed potatoes I have EVER had, a bit of watercress salad and a bacon/something sauce that complimented everything on the plate.
          Apple tart tartan for dessert and we were floored by the low amount of the check.
          We will be dining at NOSH on at least a weekly basis.....
          I highly recommend this fine new establishment.

          1. re: CapGuy

            I am so excited to hear about this - I noticed it last weekend but wasn't sure it was open yet.........After reading the above I will be adding it to my plans for this week. I have been an Avner fan for years in Dallas - Avner's, Bistro A, Aurora. I think a more casual setting with a lower price point will work well in the current climate and we could use more places in the neighborhood that are easy to drop in to for a good bite.

            Bistro A
            6815 Snider Plz, Dallas, TX 75205

            1. re: 2mel

              I was at the opening Friday, and the tastes we enjoyed (and wine) were pretty special. Look for nothing more than $24, with most selctions resting at the $12 mark. Nosh has a more relaxed feel than Aurora, but you can still tell what it was. The wine room has many of the Aurora selections.

              1. re: DallasDude

                Dude: I read somewhere that there is a bar overlooking the kitchen? Sounds like a great place to eat.

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