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Aug 20, 2010 12:04 PM

Alderwood Bistro, Sequim

Went there for a wedding anniversary lunch yesterday, best meal I've had on the Olympic Peninsula since the days of Wild Coho in Port Townsend. The food is local and organic wherever possible and the menu identifies local suppliers.
We started with a cup each of local spot prawn bisque that really tasted of the shrimp. We shared mains of a 'Smokey' pizza (wood fired), with toppings that included homemade chorizo and Salumi finnochiona and pan-fried oysters with red-pepper remoulade and mixed green salad. Then desserts of honey and lavender creme brulee and 'chocolate bliss', a flourless layered dessert with chocolate ganache, rasberry puree and almonds. Everything we ate was well prepared and really tasted of its ingredients. A good wine list that includes some interesting choices by the glass, we had one each of Albarino and Manzanilla. And all that topped wih excellent service and a bill for $62.

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  1. Made a return visit for Valentine's Day. A prix fixe of $49 for three courses, 5 apps, 5 mains, lots of desserts. Started with an amuse-bouche of excellent home-made pork pate on a Pan d'Amore crouton. I began with crispy melted pork, slow braised local pork cheek with sauce gribiche, rich and delicious, the acidity of the sauce a good match for the fatiness of the pork. DH had the king crab bisque which had the intensity of flavor I first learnt to relish in restaurants in France many years ago.
    I followed with pan seared scallops and mussels in a saffron fumet. High quality shellfish in very well balanced sauce with some of my favorite roasted ozette potatoes and sauteed chard. DH had a perfectly cooked piece of Painted Hills beef fillet. We shared desserts of wood-fired clafoutis souffle and a flourless chocolate 'bliss'.
    This was a very high quality meal, excellent food and delightful service, a special venue on the Olympic Peninsula.

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      I was there two weekends ago thanks to this post and it was *incredible.* My wife had a wood-roasted vegetable pizza (brussels sprouts, parsnip, squash) that was fantastic, I had mussles and fries that could match with versions I've had in London (probably because the quality of the local mussels here was just so high and they claim they make their own fries), we both had extremely nice winter-ish salads (mine with roasted beets). The menu takes "local" extremely seriously, grading suppliers by their locality according to whether they're from Sequim, 100 miles from Sequim, or Pacific Northwest. It's a great menu, as you can see online; at least a half-dozen things you want to eat and I can tell you that we hit 100% with the 4 dishes we ordered. Plus, we bought a dozen eggs on our way out that we cooked over the weekend, and they were fabulous too.

      All in all, an A+ if you're grading on the greater Kitsap County curve--we've only had one meal there, but it's at least as good as the fancy places you'd pick in the area (Four Swallows, Agate Pass, etc.). Thanks Andrewtree for a truly great rec!

    2. okay so it sounds AWESOME and the menu on the website is yummy but its not open for lunch---is there anything like this between Sequim and Aberdeen thats open for lunch and breakfast?

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        Probably in Shelton if you don't want to go off of 101/108. In Shelton there's The Strip Steak House and Xinh's Clam & Oyster House, both open for lunch. Neither are open on Sunday, and IIRC Xinh's is closed on one weekday (Tue ?).

        Our only time in Shelton a few years ago I was aiming to go to Xinh's but it so happened the day we got there they were closed, so we ended up eating at The Strip.

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          We got caught by Xinh's hours once, unknowingly. They're only open for dinner, upper-right corner here: