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Aug 20, 2010 11:00 AM

Any opinions on Don Sergio Anejo tequila?

I am primarily a Scotch drinker but havde recently branched into aged rum and have tried a couple anejo tequilas.

When I was in Florida the guy at Total wine recommended Don Sergio, said it was a decent sipping tequlia and at $25 roughly half the price of the Don Julia and Herradurra.

Prior to this the only one I have had was a mini bottle of patron anejo, which was very smooth but it seems to have been aged to the point that almost no tequila flavor remained. The Don Sergio seems to have a better balance between the earthy agave taste and the oaky vanilla aged flavor, as well as some nice spice and a little cinnamon. Though the finish is a tiny bit more harsh than the patron (though not unpleasantly so), I would say I prefer this one by a long shot.

I haven't been able to find many references to this Tequlia anywhere, and I was curious to see how it stacks up to others.

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  1. I'm in Arizona, where everybody has a favorite tequila. TW recommends Don Sergio here, too.

    I find it odd that Don Sergio is a corporate recommendation and not a local staff pick. I would have tried DS by now, except that they keep pushing it on me.

    My two recent favorites in the affordable 100% agave tequila category are El Ultimo which is way better than Hornitos at a third less. And Espolon which got an insane rating of 94 -- the same rating as Patron -- by the Beverage Tasting Institute. The blanco, at least, is magnificently intense.

    If I may give a website, see the huge BTI database at With that knowledge, You will be a very frequent Total Wine customer.

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      I looked at the BTI site once, they seemed very selective in what they reviewed and didn't give anything a bad review - struck me as a corporate shill site.

      I have had a few more brands since I posted that and I would still say the Don Sergio is a pretty decent tequila, especially for the money.

      I also noticed that it has the same NOM and very similar bottle to El Rey Y Sol tequila which anejo and repo have been well reviewed at

      1. re: ncyankee101

        BTI rates lots of items low but you have to specifically search for "not recommended"

        Their minimum recomended.rating is 80. to be honest most mass manufactured products can hit this number so most show up

    2. An update - I recently got hold of a bottle of the Don Sergio Blanco. I have had a lot of tequilas in the last year, and I still have to say this is pretty decent, especially for $20.

      I would echo Zagat's recommendation of El Ultimo, which is even cheaper and excellent for the price. The Don Sergio has a very different flavor profile, earthy and peppery while the El Ultimo is a little sweeter and more fruity. Both are lowlands tequilas but the Don Sergio is more similar in nose and palate to Casa Noble which is the reference standard. I had thought the El Ultimo was a highland until I looked it up.

      Both are very good and different enough in flavor profile that I plan to keep both in my cabinet, and at their very affordable prices that is not a problem. At half the price, I can see going to Don Sergio on a regular basis while I save my Casa Noble Crystal for special occasions.

      I can't say I am as much a fan of Espolon as many seem to be, I find it a little too mild. I am beginning to suspect batch variation as I keep seeing it described as intense and full of agave flavor, while I would not describe my bottle that way, though it is very smooth and pleasant to sip. Sort of like Patron at half the price.

      1. I live in Australia and in 2000, a businessman who was attempting to import Don Sergio into Australia arrived at the restaurant I was working at. He was a very nice Texan gentleman who brought two bottles into the country. He had mates who were high profile businessmen who were going to back him in his venture to import DS into Australia. Unfortunately the Aussie govt were very strict on imports. This tequila was by far the best I have ever had to this day. He asked me to make pour our finest cognac vs DS teq in snifters. 8 of us drank both and DS was by far smoother than the cognac. He then asked me to make 8 margaritas using only DS and fresh limes. Nothing else!! OMG!!! The best margaritas EVER!!!

        1. It's a good bang for the price ($25-$27). Lots of flavor with vanilla and cinnamon spice. It is a bit harsh in the alcohol burn department but the price compensates for that.
          I'm sipping one now neat that has been in a half full bottle for 3 months and I believe it has mellowed a bit.
          Good stuff.