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Aug 20, 2010 09:58 AM

Cucina Urbana - Winemaker tastings

Cucina Urbana occasionally hosts winemaker tastings on Saturdays, and we are going to check one out soon. I see that they are open for lunch and supply light appetizers, so we'll need to find some grub nearby. Anyone been to one of these yet?

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  1. OK, for anyone looking for details in the future...

    Most of the seating was full, except the bar. It was seat-yourself, you weren't forced to sit with strangers (if you didn't want to). The tasting was run at a fairly casual pace, on your own schedule. The bottles were open on the pizza bar, and reps from the Winery pour your taster. It seems to be one taster per varietal, on the honor system, i.e. don't go back and get six pours of the best wine. The winemaker got up and gave a brief talk in the middle, and was available for questions/discussion which was nice. Overall, a nice setup and a fun time.

    One minor criticism is the way the line and tasters are structured. A lot of people would cut the pouring line to get a wine from the other end of the table, while some people politely waited in line. They might be better off splitting the group of wines in to 2 different areas to prevent this. Also, some people that got to the tasting a little later didn't get any pours of the better wines because the winemaker didn't bring enough.

    As for the food, Cucina Urbana had quite a bountiful spread. They had out several platters of high quality cheeses (humboldt fog yum), bread, their pizzas, mac & cheese, etc... There was a lot more food than I was expecting for what was advertised as "light hors d'oeuvres".

    *edit* The winery bottle pricing (if you bought the bottles that day) seemed to be in line with retail "street" pricing.

    All in all a very well run tasting, and a nice way to spend a late afternoon.

    1. Nice! I love Cucina - one of my faves in SD. They do know how to make one feel at home; glad to know they provided enough food. I will definitely try to make one of their wine tastings next time I'm in town.