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Aug 20, 2010 09:51 AM

Reservations for September

I think I am in trouble - My family and I will be in Paris September 16th for 5 nights. We just planned this trip and therefore haven't made any reservations yet. Many of the restaurants we would like to dine in are now on vacation. Does anyone know when the following restaurants will be back from vacation. I am anxiously awaiting their opening to make reservations. Thank you for your help.

La Regalade
La Gaigne
Les Papilles
Chez L'ami Jean

Wish meeeeee luck!!!!

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  1. You'll be fine, except for Frenchie. But you'll have to call. The answering machine should tell you when they reopen, or you'll have to try again during the last days of August. Régalade and Spring are open. CAJ open Sept 1st or so.

    1. Frenchie will return on Sept. 7. I know L'Agrume will be open early September, but I do not know the exact date.

      1. CAJ (Chez l'Ami Jean) is already open. Just got some reservations going.
        Frenchie is not open and has a weird message on their answering stating : "this voicemail can not take anymore messages at the moment, please call back later"