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Aug 20, 2010 08:58 AM

Cheesecake without Cream Cheese

I have been looking for a recipe for cheesecake without the cream cheese in it. I do not like traditional cheesecake because it is just to rich. My grandmother used to make a cheesecake with farmer's cheese but lost the recipe years ago. Can you help?

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  1. I was going to suggest ricotta; it makes a fabulous cheesecake. You can take any recipe and just about sub the farmer's or ricotta for the cream cheese

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      Most Italian-American cheesecake recipes will use ricotta. I do find that you need to strain most ricotta cheeses before substituting it directly for cream cheese. If you have some muslin cloth, simply drop the ricotta into the cloth, close it with some string and hang it until it stops dripping. Or line a fine mesh strainer with a dish towe, non-bleached paper towel or some coffee filters and let it drip into the sink or a bowl.

      1. re: smtucker

        Maybe due to the flour, the one I posted has never needed draining, but it's not a sub for cream cheese, just a different recipe entirely.

    2. Here's one that's very easy to make and accepts whatever flavoring you choose:

      1. Use a combination of plain Greek yogurt and mascarpone.

        2:1 ratio of yogurt to cheese works well.

        1. Goat cheese cheese cake is fabulous.

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            Can you substitute marcepone cheese for cream cheese?

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              I don't see why you couldn't, the consistancy is about the same.

          2. If you would like a cheesecake with farmer's cheese, Rick Rodger's has a recipe in his wonderful cookbook, "Kaffeehaus" for Topfentorte (Farmer's Cheesecake).
            You can find the recipe online here: http://www.recipe-recipes-message-boa...