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Aug 20, 2010 08:52 AM

south boston

my son is moving to south boston in a couple of weeks...looking for good , but not expensive lunch and dinner spots...all kinds of food! thanks

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  1. Amrheins for anything from a burger to surf and turf; casual; decent food; comfortable bar
    Cafe Porto Bello for pizza and antipasto; small place, no bar
    St Alphonso's Kitchen, very small place great sandwiches

    Cafe Porto Bello
    6 N Washington St, North Attleboro, MA 02760

    Amrheins Restaurant
    80 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

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      I don't think St. Alphonso's serves sandwiches anymore. At least they didn't a year ago. And I thought that was the best part of their menu.

      1. re: Guinness02122

        Definitely the best part of the menu. I had a cuban not that long ago so I checked the website and basically you're right, most options are gone they still have the cuban, the loaf and a burger. Too bad.

        1. re: Guinness02122

          I was just there on Saturday and the Cuban was still on the menu. I believe there were two other sandwiches but I don't remember what they were.

          We had a fabulous meal consisting of the mussels, the caesar, the special short rib agnolotti and the spaghetti and meatballs.

          I haven't tried any of the sandwiches yet but the Cuban has also sounded good.

      2. Here are a bunch of places in the Seaport District:

        For casual pub food, I really like Whiskey Priest. It's fairly new. Has a nice roof deck, solid food, and a great beer selection. Also, a much better flow inside compared to ABG next door.

        Salvatore's is good for casual Italian. Nothing special, but your typical pizza, pasta etc for a reasonable price. J Pace is also quite good for Italian, and it's right across the street.

        At the higher end there's a Morton's, Strega (more upscale Italian - I'm not sure if this open yet?), Sam's @ Louis Boston (heard mixed reviews on the food).

        379 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

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          if he heads toward dorchester he'll find a treasure trove of inexpensive ethnic food: fabulous vietnamese on Dorchester Avenue (Sunrise Cafe one of my favorites) - excellent Indian (Shanti's on dorchester avenue), and very good chinese barbecue (Lucky's on dorchester avenue). In southie he'll like Sweet Tooth Bakery and Cafe Arpeggio, both on West Broadway, around E street. head up A street and he'll find a few good breakfast spots as well.

          Cafe Arpeggio
          139 S Main St, Fall River, MA 02721