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Aug 20, 2010 08:52 AM

El Taco De Mexico - Denver

I will be in Denver for a class & am determined to finally try El Taco De Mexico. The class will be around 10th Ave & Grant. I'm not sure how long I'll have for lunch, 30 minutes maybe? Would I have enough time to get there & back in 30 minutes? I'm not sure what traffic is like on 6th or 8th Ave during the lunch hour. I have an idea what I want to order but what is a must try there?

I'm also going to hit Bones after class one day for dinner. The steamed buns have been calling my name! I'm so excited.

I would like to try Santiago's breakfast burritos & if I like their green chile, I though I'd stop and buy some. Does anyone know which super market carries it? There is a Santiago's by ETDM, has anyone eaten at location? It seems to have gotten pretty good reviews.

El Taco De Mexico
714 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

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  1. You can get there in short order- south on Grant to 8th st, West on 8th to Kalamath, South on kalamath to 7th, east on 7th to Santa Fe and ETDM. bob's yer uncle. I've never been on a weekday lunch so have no idea on how backed up it might be. Service is tacqueria-quick usually so I think you'd have time.

    Not sure what is must try. I liked the cabeza tacos. I know it's heresay to say so- but I don't fine ETDM that special. It's authentic but there are a ton of authentic tacquerias that serve food in the same vein and quality to the degree my un-trained gringo palette can judge. The uncaring service, greasy tables, the fact they won't take a debit card, the crowds, etc.. have made it a hassle to go to and I haven't been in a few years.

    The Santiagos' on Santa Fe and 6th is a winner location IMO. Greasy and hot green chile always hits the spot for me. Yes, like everyone else I wish it had more pork and more chilies in it but the flavor is perfect for me. Salty and spicy. yum.

    It's about the same price in the groc store as it is in the restaurant (expensive) but there are precious few alternatives except making your own. Not sure where you are staying but the King Soopers near your class at 9th and Corona should carry it- all the King Soopers I've been to carry it. As does Wal-Mart and Albertson's stores. Not sure about Safeway?