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Aug 20, 2010 08:29 AM

Malaysian Street Market - September in London

I got this via email today and thought it might interest some of us here. There's going to be a Malaysian Street Market with different foods in Trafalgar Square... 24 September.

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  1. Thanks for that - I'd heard rumours about it but didn't have any details until now. Looks like a quick trip to Londinium after work 24th Sept is in order..

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    1. re: YSL

      It sounds like a good event - hope you can get there. Unfortunately, I'll be in Cornwall that week and probably will have already consumed my quota for the week.

      1. re: zuriga1

        Thought I would resurrect this thread given it's happening tomorrow night. Anyone planning to go? I'm hoping to travel down after work so will be there from about 6pm.

        1. re: YSL

          ooh I might pop down if the weather improves, got to do something to banish the memories of yesterday's revolting dinner of all the odds and ends from the veg drawer doused in nasi goreng paste.

          1. re: gembellina

            Good point - what *IS* the weather forecast for tomorrow?

            1. re: YSL

              heavy rain showers, according to the BBC...

              if it was a warm, malaysian-style soaker i'd still be quite happy, but cold, grey London rain followed by a steaming tube ride home with everyone smelling of wet coat just isn't appealing.

          2. re: YSL

            After five sunny and warm days in Cornwall, I've returned to the usual weather. I'd have thought about going... but husband is having a minor ear procedure tomorrow so I can't make it, plus it sounds like bad weather.

            1. re: zuriga1

              Hmm. Metcheck reckon the rain will die off by late afternoon/early evening. Think I may still head down (if I'm not in too much back pain), I've got my train ticket after all.

              1. re: YSL

                Good luck... let us know how the food was. Hopefully, they'll be another Malaysian festival one of these days. Bad back?? Be careful and rest it a lot.

                Dr. June

                1. re: PhilD

                  A bit of an aside. ... :-) Well, it was great (my first time there). We had perfect, warm weather which is always a plus over here. We had three excellent dinners and not a one was a Rick Stein, although I wouldn't mind trying the Seafood Restaurant sometime. We ate at Number 6, The Basement and Margot's. One disappointment was my risotto at The Basement... chalky and not up to snuff. Number 6's menu was very inventive and a real joy, while Margot's was just good ingredients made simply but to perfection, plus the best sticky toffee pudding I've ever tasted.

                  This will probably be deleted so perhaps when I get a minute, I'll do a regular thread. Thanks for asking!

        2. Going tonight - will report back

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          1. re: bleep75

            Sorry - went , it was freezing, queues were loooong so went to Haozhan instead which had
            a delicious black cod Siu Mai and a lovely bottle of Rioja.
            Salt and pepper squid overcooked but nice food overall.

            1. re: bleep75

              Yes. I went too. It wasn't that cold, but the queues were quite horrendous and quite a few stalls sold out of food (!) so were awaiting replenishments from the respective restaurants. I don't know why I thought they would be more like hawker stands rather than outdoor catering, but it did surprise me to see the setup.

              However, I did manage to get some chicken satay, roti canai, laksa and a tea tarik (sic) which were all nice but then again, I wasn't expecting to be amazed by the food. That said, the atmosphere was good and it was lovely to see entire families out enjoying themselves so in that respect, I don't regret going to it.

              (Plus, I went to Gelupo afterwards before I got the train home which more than made up for everything)