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Aug 20, 2010 07:58 AM

K Wok now Baldy's BBQ?

The bus route I take to work passes by K Wok and today it had a sign in the window that said "Baldy's BBQ." This appears to be the second location of a place originating in Lakeville. Anyone know if it's good bbq? Anyone know if K Wok is relocating?

K Wok
1813 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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  1. Oh God no. Their Lakeville location puts out utterly clueless BBQ.

    RIP K Wok -- that has been one of the most underappreciated places in Minneapolis for a decade.

    K Wok
    1813 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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      Baldy's needs to refine there concept a tad before doubling in size

    2. went by baldy's bbq for the first time this afternoon as I was heading to class....picked up a pulled pork sandwich - offered 3 sauces (spicy, sweet...and something else) the spicy sauce - which comes on the side.... and a side of slaw. Can't say it was the best bbq I've had - but it was good. Definitely better than, say a Market BBQ. The meat was braised well & flavorful. I'll check it out employee said they've been open about one month with good lunch business but nearly zero dinner biz.

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        I was visiting someone at Fairview Riverside a recent afternoon and had some time to kill. I started walking to Keefer Court, but noticed Baldy's on the way. I had to check it out. The brisket sandwich was not bad at all. I would rate it over Famous Dave's. If I was in the neighborhood, I'd go back. My server was super engaging, too.

        Strange encounter as I was leaving. My drink came in a plastic cup with Baldy's mug grinning out at you. I know those cups are meant for taking home, but that wasn't convenient for me, so I left it on the table. As I headed for the door, sitting at a table was Baldy himself! He told me not to forget my cup. I asked him what would happen to it if I left it. He said it would probably get thrown away. Not recycled or reused? Nope. So I took it.

      2. The owners of k wok had decided to close up / retire back in 2009, and they were transitioning the ownership to a Filipino family, with the original owners popping in every once in a while to help out. For a while, they kept up with similar dishes. I really liked the Malaysian dishes that original owners used to do.

        Unfortunately, seems like the Filipino family couldn't keep the restaurant going...

        K wok was definitely one of my favorite places, and well under-rated