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Small Plates in Denver/Cherry Creek

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I'm heading out to Denver next weekend and was looking for a great small plates restaurant, or some recommendations for wine bars in Denver and/or cherry Creek.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar. Jason Sheehan did a review shortly before he left - http://www.westword.com/2010-01-07/re...

    1. Second Hom Kitchen + Bar in the JW Marriott has some nice small plates (http://www.secondhomedenver.com/dinin...). I haven't been to Piatti myself, but a friend was just there last week and reported that in addition to an antipassto selection, they serve pastas specialties in either appetizer or full-on entree portions (http://www.piatti.com/menus/piattimen...).

      1. Ondo's is on our list of places to try. We've read good things but don't have any firsthand info yet.

        Tell us how it is!

        1. Try Deluxe and/or Delite on South Broadway in Denver. It's just what you're (probably) looking for and not too terribly far from Cherry Creek.