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Aug 20, 2010 07:42 AM

Indiana Amish Family Dining

I've heard about Amish meals served on farms in Northern IN. Places like Mullet's and M&L Acres. Has anyone been? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I live in Northern IN and have actually not heard of farms hosting such dinners. I'll be interested to see what others suggest, and I am interested to know where you heard about that.

    The Shipshewana area is the commercial/tourism heart of things Amish up here. There is a well known, very large establishment called Das Dutchman Essenhaus in nearby Middlebury:

    I went there once and cannot say I was left itching to try the food again real soon--serviceable fried chicken and sides and pies, served "family style" and all you can eat. But it's an interesting stop for someone ready to take on a somewhat Disney-ish representation of Amish culture. Kids like it. People really do pull up there in their horse-drawn carriages to chow down....

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      Here's a link to info and a menu of M&L Acres. Was hoping someone my have tried these kinds of places and would like to report.

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        Sorry I cannot report on specifics. Your reference to meals on farms is what caught my attention. The M&L Acres website says it hosts groups up to 80, so I'm assuming that they have some kind of restaurant-like commercial operation. I spend some time cyling around the Amish countryside, and while it's lovely, I never get the sense that the farms are like public operations (say, with establishment signs or even "enter here" signs).

        But they might well be there. Especially the Mennonite communities, which have looser rules than the Amish do about connections to the "outside world" might well set up B&B-style operations on a farm.

        Again, I too will be interested to see what others might know about this prospect.

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          I might be wrong but from what I can glean off the internet, M&L is in the basement of a house and Mullet's is in a building on a farm. They aren't a typical restaurant in that you have to call ahead for reservations. I hope to check out one of these in the next week or so and will report back.

    2. Grew up in Northern Indiana and for me it comes down to a couple different places for true Amish style cooking. Essenhaus is a good choice, but for true, real, authentic family style dining you have to hit Tiffany's in Topeka. Topeka is a one stop sign town but Tiffany's has some great homemade Amish food. Be sure to try the homemade ice cream.

      1. My travel plans changed and I had to cancel my Amish meal at the last minute but this is the website of all the Amish eateries in Northern IN. Yoders and Mullets are on farms and I think both offer buggy rides.
        You have to call in advance for reservations. M&L sounds good, too, but is in a home basement. There are also links to see menus...

        I've been to the Village Inn in Middlebury, it's a Mennonite coffee shop with very good simple food and pies. A few doors down is an interesting Amish dept. store.

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          Off topic, but I grew up near Amish country, and that Amish department store is really something to see. The most surprising thing is their fabric department, which I swear has some of the finest fabrics you'll find outside of NYC. I was gobsmacked when I saw them.

          Heh. They have a website now:

          Haven't been there in quite a few years now, so I don't know if their fabrics are still so awesome.