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Aug 20, 2010 07:32 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in Houston for 75 ppl for $100 pp or less

I am getting married in Houston in April and need a nice place for the rehearsal dinner. My family is from Western NY and we do not know the area well enough to come up with a comprehensive list on our own. I need a list of places that can accommodate 75 people while keeping the price to $100 pp (tax, bev, gratuity included) or less.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I arrange lots of corporate events, so I know that there should be LOTS of places in Houston where you can do dinner for $100 or less. Can you provide more info? What part of town? What kind of venue would you like? What type of food?

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      I think that somewhere inside the loop or just outside of it (Galleria, Tanglewood, Memorial) would be best. In terms of food, we'd like to stay towards something that will appeal to a wide base: think new American, Italian, or something Southern. In terms of a restaurant, we'd like to stay away from big chains, although Brennan's is a place that was recommended to us that we are considering. Others include Grotto or Ouisie's. Thanks!

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        I love Grotto. The Scampi Grotto is one of my favorite dishes anywhere. The service has always been very good there - for me anyway. The parking could be a problem. But other than that, I love Grotto on Westheimer. You should be able to do that easily under $100 per person unless everyone has 4-5 drinks. The last time we ate there it was about $150 for 3 people. We all had a drink, one appetizer to share, an entree and each a dessert.

    2. Might want to try Masraff's in the Galleria area. Great food and service. Our waiter mentioned that they do catering so I'm sure they can accommodate a large party.

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