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Aug 20, 2010 07:29 AM

Party Menu Smoked Pulled Pork

Having a party for about 50 people in November. I want to do a smoked boston butt with vinegar slaw. I need ideas for other sides... How about garlic mashed potatoes? suggestions please!

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  1. If you're doing pulled pork with vinegar slaw is this gonna be a BBQ themed event?? If so, nix the mashed.

    BBQ baked beans are almost a must as well as potato salad. You may even want to offer a few different BBQ sauces as well as the option for a white BBQ sauce. (recipe link below)

    If you're not going for a BBQ theme, pulled pork is great on salad and can be used in tortillas for wraps/fajitas. Both are good for a large gathering due to their DIY nature.

    If you're going with the potatoes perhaps some standard Meat and 3 options would work. Mac and cheese, white beans, collard greens, etc.


    1. If you're doing Carolina BBq, and it sounds like you are, nix the potatoes. Hot Corn Bread, BBQ beans, Macaroni salad, pickles.....Buns for people who want their pork sandwiched....

      1. Now, I'm going to go against what everyone else said about potatoes and I'm in NC and was raised on BBQ; you can do potatoes, just not mashed. We like to serve them simmered in a thin vinegared bbq sauce with chopped garlic, green onions (scallions) and lots of freshly ground black pepper which goes great with BBQed pork (and any other cuts of BBQ). Also, slow fried until caramelized & tender potatoes with onions goes well with this and can be browned in a skillet then put into a roaster & finished in the oven for a crowd.

        Slaw, baked beans, Brunswick stew, corn pudding, tomato pudding, greens (collards, mustards, turnip, or a mix of and simmered low & slow) and green beans cooked with tomatoes