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Aug 20, 2010 06:55 AM

mixologist class--recommendations?

Is there a place in the NY which offers a class for the "home mixologist?" I am looking for a restaurant/bar/cooking school who teaches the art of making cocktails, without the formalities of a traditional bartending school. Possibly thinking of doing this for a bachelorette party--would even be willing to open home and have someone teach at my place for the party---any ideas?

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  1. The Astor Center from time to time has a class called Home Bar Basics, where you get techniques, recipes for the classics, and I believe a full shaker set. I'd contact them.

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        1. I took a class at the Institute for Culinary Education on 23rd off 6th Avenue. It was taught by the bar manager at Savoy in Soho. I thought it was a lot of fun and covered a lot in about 3 hours. We left with a book of recipes. The class had about 10 or 12 students. You might be able to fill the class with just your party, not sure. I really recommend it.

          1. SideBAR located in Gramercy teachs an interactive mixology class. The instructor is lively and fun, you learn the basics of bartending- how to properly set up a bar, different ways to serve drinks, what garnishes go with what liquors and then you can even get behind the bar and make your favorite drinks for the class and or your friends. I highly recommend this place.

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              I prefer the one at Astor because each person gets to make and drink their own drinks and has a sink, etc. And a seat in a real classroom.

              A friend went to the SideBAR one and thought it was not a good deal. You stand around for an hour watching a bartender make drinks, and then one person gets to go behind the bar to make that drink (out of the whole group).

              AND the bartender he was working with tried to put something ridiculous (I think vermouth?) into an old fashioned. Um, no.

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                I went to one of the SideBAR ones and was unimpressed also. The bartender was energetic and pretty good at explaining how a professional bar is set up, which was cool, but had a pretty bad palate, plus as Kathryn says, it's not really that interactive.

                I haven't been to the Astor Center's class, but from all accounts everything they do is put on extremely well.