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Aug 20, 2010 06:03 AM

Places to eat and foodie spots in Elora / Fergus

Going to Elora and Fergus this weekend. Will be at the farmer's market Sat morning, but also looking for other foodie suggestions in the area, including any shops worth visiting and places to eat.

For places to eat, looking for a casual lunch spot and a dinner spot where I won't feel out of place with jeans. For dinner, price is not an issue, but want a good atmosphere and a focus on local ingredients.

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  1. It has been 2 years but we had a very good dinner here:
    Menu emphasized locally sourced ingredients, especially the protein. There was also a good little food/health shop on the main street of Elora that sold local products, sorry can't recall the name though.

    1. I've mentioned before on this board that Fergus/Elora is one of my fave destinations in this province. Elora gets a lot of love from others, so I will focus on Fergus: the old market has been converted into a series of shops - the front end on the main drag has an excellent homemade icecream/chocolate place. Across the street is a good bakery. The back end of the market has a great food store called Frabert's that features local cheese, produce & meats; it also has a lot of prepared foods in the fridge and freezer, so make sure that you bring your cooler. Your dining options in Fergus also focus on local - the menu at the Breadalbane Inn details their suppliers. It has a pubby type resaurant as well as finer dining in a pretty greenhouse. Grab a bottle of their salad dressing: it's yummy! The Brew Pub is slightly north of the main drag, but right on the river, so really pretty & not bad grub. The Goofy Newfy is in the back of the market, and also right on the river: pretty for a drink but perhaps not the finest eating options. There is a Dutch place on the main street, west of the market, which is great, and an Indian place that is great for Fergus, but perhaps not so great if you come from T.O. (Fergus's Chinese food & pizza are awful, just so you get the context). Anyhow, rather jealous of your weekend - slainthe!

      Breadalbane Inn
      487 St Andrew St W, Fergus, ON N1M1P2, CA

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      1. Ive been hanging onto an old news clipping about the "hearty eating capital of Wellington county", namely Mary's Village Kitchen in Alma, just 8 km north of Elora.I hope it's still there, as the home-style food sounds deelish. Also recommended in the same article is La Cachette in Elora for dessert.