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Aug 20, 2010 03:53 AM

Anyone tried Luchentos in Millstone yet??

Luchentos has reopened, was wondering if anyone has been??

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  1. Funny you should ask, called the number on the new website last night, phone rang but nobody answered. Will give another try tonight. Anyone know if they obtained a liquor license or is it still BYO.

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      haven't tried, but i drive by the place around 5:30 pm every night and the parking lot seems to be quite full.
      The sign outside also says "Reservation recommended Fri, Sat, Sun".

    2. We stopped in a few days ago for lunch. Still BYO (but the waitress just couldn't get over the fact that I brought beer - $10 a six pack craft beer - but still "too pedestrian" for their new upscale image, I guess. She had to comment on it 3 or 4 times...). Place seemed pretty busy for a weekday lunch, with a mix of what appeared to be "business lunch" types and retirees from the Monroe area.

      The temporary sign out front recommends reservations for Fri-Sun, so I guess they're doing great business already (we were out of state when they re-opened).

      I got my "usual" linguini with white clam sauce, and it was pretty much as I remembered it- maybe a bit more money (somebody's got to pay for that 1.5 year shutdown and the complete rebuilding/remodeling of the place) but I could be comparing it to dinner vs. lunch pricing. My wife like her eggplant parm, and really liked the upscale remodeling The warm bread was back (there was some debate during the last Luchento's thead if the new owners had dropped the bread and salad IIRC), but no salad- but again, that may have been a lunch/dinner thing.

      Even tho' we didn't try to use 'em, the manager told our waitress (out of our earshot, and what seemed to be a very long explanation) they would not honor our gift certificates (which I discussed in that last CH thread) that were bought a few months before they closed for remodeling because they were "new owners". Unless this is a third owner, we'd already used them with the "new" (post-Luchento) owner, but we didn't really expect they would take them after such a long shutdown. I don't understand WHY they'd choose to keep the Luchento name (review of old CH threads will show it didn't have the best rep here) and yet not honor ( in some way) the old certs, but, that's capitalism, I guess.

      1. For anyone who has concerns regarding gift cards or gift certificates purchased before the shutdown or sale that failed.....find out if the *new* Luchento's is operating under the original business corporation that had shut down. If it is the same corporation, I'll bet it falls into the two year requirement to honor gift certificates, even if they have a one year expiration date. Under New Jersey Small Claims Court statute. any business corporation that is being sued must bring an attorney to court to defend itself, and as such, it would not be cost effective to fight the claim.....but instead, be more prudent to honor the certificate.

        1. went for dinner and was less than pleased. we have been patronizing luchentos for years for various family occasions and were so excited to see it opening up again

          -familiar favorites from the menu are now missing. the inside front cover of the menu states "tommy luchento will make any meal you desire provided we have the ingredients". well, we requested an old favorite which they had the ingredients for, based on other menu items, and were told "no". it remains to be told whether or not our terrible server even asked the chef. i sincerely doubt he did since it took him 20 minutes (YES, 20 minutes!) to take our order

          -and about that service....TERRIBLE! i have a history in the food service industry, including opening one, and they were lacking in several areas. it took 5-7 minutes for someone to even say they will be right with us. then, they opened our wine and we did not see them for another 10....with no wine glasses or water poured!!! at this point, we just wanted some wine glasses and, since we had time to pretty much memorize the menu, someone to take our order. bread was cold, salad severely overdressed

          -side dishes accompanying meal consisted of oily vegetables and a non-descript tasteless potato log

          -prices went up considerably which i would understand considering the circumstances, but have some quality of the food and service to justify it

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