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Aug 20, 2010 01:26 AM

Something other than Asian in Flushing?

I know Flushing has great Asian restaurants, but is there any other sort of restaurants recommended?

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    1. Kabul Kebab on Main Street is good stuff!

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        Southern Spice 45th Ave @Bowne St is arguably the best Indian restaurant in the NYC; but that's Asian, just not Oriental.
        If you drive all the way up the 149th, there is a very good Italian restaurant called Vesuvio and just a few more blocks from there, a bakery that offers terrific cheesecakes.

        12-02 149th St, Queens, NY 11357

        Southern Spice
        1635 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

      2. DELUGE RESTAURANT inside the FLUSHING CHINATOWN SHERATON HOTEL is very good and very relaxing with that big waterfall....THE MARCO HOTEL on NORTHERN BOULEVARD @ FARRINGTON STREET has a very nice restaurant named MAGNA...I ate there on a lark of rmy birthday and it was very good and reasonably priced...both places have websites.

        The Flushing/Bayside/Whitestone borders are littered with a myriad of Italian and Greek restaurants as diprey11 has mentioned....and an AMERICAN STYLE GRILL called JOHN JOHN'S recently opened near FLUSHING HOSPITAL on PARSONS BOULEVARD

        1. Thanks for the help, I know most people eat only Asian food in Flushing. I'm not sure if I can afford all the recommendations, but I'll try to eat at those I can when I get a chance.

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            ive heard joe's bestburger is real good. I find it hard to eat burgers in flushing though, so I can't confirm yet.

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                I used to eat at Joe's bestburger, the quality deteriorated quickly from when it opened. When it opened it was better than In and Out burger, Shake Shack, etc. But they've changed the meat supplier at least twice, the staff churns and is incompetent, they squish the burgers, overcook and dry them and the place isn't as clean anymore. The chicken is not as good as it used to be, if you don't dip it in sauce, the meat has a fishy flavor. It was good the first two years they were open but management is just confused, they changed the menu, pricing scheme, etc. Really a shame. It's still better than MacDonalds but the rave reviews it received are no longer accurate.

                Shake Shack
                Roosevelt Ave 126th St, Queens, NY 11368