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Aug 19, 2010 11:09 PM

how do you freeze store-bought ice cream rock solid?

I recently bought a carton of Breyer's that I placed in the freezer immediately after returning home from the market. It was rock solid (think brick) at the market, and was very solid when I pushed it into the freezer. Several hours later, it's softened up instead of freezing!!! What's the deal? I'm craving a firm texture, not something that melts away the minute I take it out of the freezer. I'm wondering if it has to do with the freezer being stuffed with other items? CHers, can you help me figure this out? TIA.

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  1. Either your freezer temp is too low, or you've got so much stuff in the freezer section of your fridge that you've got warm spots. Turn the temp down and/or shift things around to get it out of the warm spot. Obviously warm spots are not preferable in your freezer, but it's a common problem, especially the smaller the freezer section is. You could use a freezer thermometer to try to find out if you've got hot spots. Move it around and compare readings.

    Personally I prefer my ice cream to NOT be rock hard, but to each their own, LOL!