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Aug 19, 2010 10:54 PM

best breakfast on the way to thomaston from portland on a monday?

ok, i think this should just about cover it. i would like to stop at morse's for breakfast, but of course they don't do breakfast mondays. since our plans are undecided where we're staying as of now, i don't know if we will definitely be in portland, but not too far from there i imagine (heading north). maybe moody's diner since ive never actually eaten there, just have taken pie slices to go. ummm 4 berry pie for breakfast! thanks for any tips!

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  1. If 4 Berry pie for breakfast is your thing...go for it. Otherwise:

    Real "hole-in-the-wall" good breakfast at Ship's Chow Hall, Rte One, Wiscasset (opposite Big Al's).

    More "upscale" breakfast and good pastries at Mae's Cafe, Bath. Also in Bath, basic breakfast at Starlight Cafe.

    Ship's Chow Hall
    277 Bath Rd, Wiscasset, ME 04578

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      oooo HD, ive always wanted to go to ship's...thanks for reminding me! is it like greasy spoon kinda bfast?

      1. re: unocal

        Oilcloth tablecloths, unmatched coffee mugs, but hearty breakfast (and lunch) fare. Enjoy.