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Aug 19, 2010 07:18 PM

Best Prix Fixe Menu and other deals?

Gonna be in Vegas over Labor Day with my wife and looking for a nice dinner on a recession budget. Willing to eat early for a pre-theater or later in the evening if necessary. We like all kinds of food but would like something nice. We are staying at MGM; I checked the special menus at their website and none of them knocked my socks off for the price. Also looking for good happy hour deals for food and drinks. Any insider info would really be helpful. Thanks!

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    1. You should take a look at the Taste Of Wynn menus. They offer a wide variety of dining options at mulitple price points. You may also want to consider Charlie Palmer's "Cut of the Week" specials. You receive 3 courses (Bottomless glass of wine with the first two courses) for $48/person. Not a bad value!

      URL's for both are below.

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        Second the Taste of Wynn. I've tried several, most notably Alex (a steal at $89, the most expensive though) and have enjoyed all of them. You receive the same nice treatment, no "early bird" attitude.
        Bradley Ogden (Caesar's) prix fixe burger in the bar-divine.
        Also, things change quite frequently, so you can always decide when you get there or at least leave a night open. We go frequently and make a reservation ahead if we want a particular time somewhere, but usually we wander around during the day to check out whatever new is going on. I've never had a problem getting in anyplace though.

        Bradley Ogden
        3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      2. I thought I'd try here before making a new thread.

        I'm going to Vegas Feb 10th and was wondering what the best 3 pre-theatre menus were. I'd like to look at ones in the $60-$100 price range. I really want to eat Guy Savoys food, but I'm wondering if his pre-theatre menu would be worth it to not get his classics. I was looking at Michael Minas pre theatre but it does not offer the lobster pot pie! I would really like to eat some french food or sea food, not too interested in a steak house.

        If anyone has any tips I'd be extremely grateful.

        Michael Mina Restaurant
        3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          Try the Parallel Tasting at Aureole. It's $85pp and $50 certs for as low as $4 can be found at (search for a coupon). Menu is on the Charlie Palmer website.

          Wifey and I had it last November and it was the favorite of our trip. Even enjoyed it more than L'Atelier which is our usual favorite (although it probably had more to do with what we ordered at L'Altelier). Also ate at CP Steak, Cut, Stratta that trip.

          3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        2. Starting on Labor Day or ending on Labor Day? "Over Labor day" seems rather nebulous.

          If your travel plan coincide with restaurant week, you're in luck. $50 meals at virtually every fine dining restaurant in town. What more do you need?