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Aug 19, 2010 06:52 PM

IndiGo Indian Bistro -- Manchester, CT

We had a wonderful meal at Indigo Indian Bistro earlier this evening. Many of the staff -- a most welcoming, polite and professional group -- hail from Utsav, in Vernon, and the Bistro opened just last Saturday. The restaurant is located in the ShopRite Plaza on Spencer Street in Manchester, Connecticut, next to a pizza shop, and while IndiGo awaits its exterior sign, it is well worth seeking out.

After a warm welcome, we started out with the Gobi Manchurian and Tandoori Chicken (though the former is listed as an entree). The Gobi Manchurian complemented the chicken beautifully, featuring a nice blend of sweetness and a hint of follow-along spice, and will make a cauliflower lover out of anyone! The Tandoori Chicken, in turn, was probably the best we have had (among many, many examples through the years) -- flavorful, juicy and meaty.

The entrees were similarly terrific, with a rich Chicken Tikka Masala and piquant Aloo Gobi pleasing all. The Chicken Vindaloo, meanwhile, was particularly stellar -- impressively hot and spicy with a hearty, flavorful base -- setting off the Aloo Paratha and basmati rice wonderfully.

Finishing up, the desert highlight was an artful confection called a Chocolate Somosa, which disappeared quickly under an assault of spoons and forks.

We will be back soon and hope to see our fellow chowhounds embrace another worthy addition to Northern Connecticut's collection of eating venues.

IndiGo Indian Bistro
232 Spencer Street, Manchester, CT 06040

Masala Restaurants
391 Main St, Hartford, CT 06106

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  1. Really nice report! And you got this kat's attention right quick with a chocolate samosa. THAT is sexy and different, for sure! Another one for my gotta get there list. Thank you. :)

    P.S. BTW, way, way back in the day, the pizza shop you mentioned in the same plaza was great for grinders. Is it still?

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      Thank you!, but sorry -- I have not yet eaten at the pizza place.

      1. re: howaboutthat

        Has anyone tried the weekday buffet?

    2. I went there today for lunch. My usual frame of reference (aside from home cooked) for Indian food is Priya. While the buffet selection was a bit smaller, the food was excellent. I sampled a bit of everything from the buffet, all tasted very fresh. They also made uthappam on the spot, and brought it to the table. Very nice!

      The inside is bright and clean, having the big windows is a bonus. (too bad the most notable landmark outside of the window is a Pep Boys) Hopefully their sign arrives soon. I live about 2 minutes from this plaza and wouldn't have known about it!

      I'll try some menu items next, it's good to see dosas and lemon rice on the list! You can also get selected portions of the buffet for take-out. You pick the type of "box" - veg, chicken, tandoori, or lamb - and they assemble the contents.

      Thanks for posting, will definitely go again!

      1. Ok howaboutthat, I have to give you a big thank you. After reading your post, we had dinner at IndiGo. I actually frequent chowhound quite a bit, but almost never ever post (quite frankly out of laziness). I came out of hibernation to post on this one!

        First off, I cannot say enough about the waitstaff and manager there. It was a pleasure to interact with each and every one of them. Apparently the restaurant has only been open for 6 (!) days and this is what they are calling their "soft opening" (Our waiter made a joke that when their signage gets put up they'll hire a Hollywood actor for the real opening- gotta love a sense of humor!) The waitstaff was very helpful, we were interested in trying some of the South Indian cuisine but had never had it before so he helped us order. Later in the meal we had the pleasure of chatting with the manager. We were happy to chat with them, but they were by no means over bearing or "hovering" they were just enjoying the fact that my husband had a genuine curiosity about their cuisine. (I hate that when the waiter stares you down while you're trying to eat... I don't want to have a staring contest with you especially when I'm trying to stuff my face... but I digress.)

        We ended up with two deliciously light and perfectly spiced samosas, then trying the South Indian "sampler" with idly (sort of an indian ricey based take on polenta?), dosa (tasted alot like a frico stuffed with samosa filling) , and vasa (lentil donut-- sounds freakshow weird but it was so F-ing good!!) They were served with a coconut chutney and a tomato chutney both of which were delicious and a spicy (but not over powering) lentil and vegetable stew that went beautifully with the more bland idly and vasa. My husband loves tandoori so the tandoori with garlic naan was a no brainer.

        Let me just say we have eaten Indian food all over the northeast and tri-state region including some really fantastic fairly authentic places in Queens. The tandoori at IndiGo makes everything else seem like super bland sawdust. Its like comparing KFC to Momofuku's fried chicken. (Have you tried to get a fried chicken reservation at Momofuku? Good luck, I think currently they're taking reservations for those of us willing to part with a kidney. Again, I digress.) Technically I suppose KFC and Momofuku are both fried chicken, but trust me they're not the same thing. The tandoori chicken at IndiGo seriously might make you consider doing very evil things to get your hands on the perfectly tender, spiced, juicy chicken. BEST TANDOORI EVER, and I don't rave easily. We also tasted their chocolate samosa... and as weird as it sounded, given the whole chickpea flour thing it was absolutely delicious... and devoured in about 10 seconds flat. If someone stuck their hand in there they would have lost a finger, it was that good.

        Anyways, I don't usually rant and rave, but this place was good enough to merit a lengthy post even from someone who would rather be curled up on the couch watching Jersey Shore reruns than doing something that takes a nominal amount to brain power like writing. (Don't judge me, when they're paying that jersey trash as much as they do I know I'm not the only one watching.) To sum up, the food's great, and the people running this place are so damn nice that they deserve our business. Seriously go. Maybe even go to the official opening when the Hollywood celebrity come in ;)

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          Don't be a stranger, please, chrystal...we need more feedback like this! Welcome to Chowhound. See you again soon!

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            Best post I've ever seen on CH. You have a great way with words. Keep up the good work.

            1. re: karlssoni

              We dined at the luncheon buffet on August 25th arriving close to 12:30PM to find there only 8 other diners. Hopefully, impending signage, word-of-mouth and advertising support will bolster the customer count in the future.

              The menu changes daily and management highlights 3-4 dishes on its Facebook page each day. On this day I was disappointed to find a different vegetarian dish was substituted.

              We were greeted by the waiter who recognized us from Ustav. The buffet has excellent breadth and is currently attractively priced at $8.99 weekdays, $11.99 on the weekends.
              Everything looked and tasted fresh, though the ratio of meat to curry was low and it took too long for items to be replenished. I initially thought the scarcity of meat was due to our being the last to select our entrees as we spent some time sampling the various chutneys and pappadum, but the chicken curry when finally was replenished contained only a few pieces of meat. All the dishes sampled, and sample I did, were very good, but the Reshimi Kebab, the day's tandoor special, could not have spent much time, if any, in the tandoor oven.

              Service throughout was exceptionally outgoing and informative.

              The restaurant is currently in the shakedown phase so I am optimistic that the few miscues will soon be rectified.

              1. re: westie

                We revisited Indigo on 10/29 for the luncheon buffet and found the few kinks have been worked out. The quality remains high as does the variety. We started off with papadum and pickles and a variety of chutneys.

                I had checked Indigo's facebook page and new there featured menu items would be so we each tried:
                Veg:Methi Paneer-Fenugreek leaves & cottage cheese cooked in a traditional savory Punjabi sauce
                Chicken:Chicken Gongura-Roasted chicken pounded with poppy seed,clove & cardamom sauce
                Lamb:Kadai Lamb-Lamb cooked with peppers,sunriped tomato & onion tempered w/chili & ground spices.
                Tandoori Hariyali Murgh Tikka Kebab-Tandoori grilled chicken marinated w/ fresh green herb & spices.

                We concluded the meal with a flavorful fruit custard and gulab jamun.

                1. re: westie

                  When my wife asked where I would like to dine on my birthday, I did not hesitate in choosing Indigo. We have dined at the luncheon buffet over a 1/2 dozen times and have never been disappointed. The buffet changes daily and you can go to their facebook page to find out the main dishes being offered, but it really doesn't matter because everything is delicious. I have eaten at dozens of buffets from Boston to the west coast and Indigo sets the standard in terms of breadth and quality.
                  Today's highlights included Murgh Do Pyaza, Murgh Mugulai Kebab, Paneer Kurchan and Avial.

                  1. re: westie

                    I had lunch and dinner at two places last Sat...Indigo for Dinner and the new Sonic for lunch.

                    I have never had the oppotunity to see such different ends of the spectrum as my two dining experiences...Indigo was was so far above my expecations that I will be thrilled to go back.

                    My experience at Sonic weas so poor that I will be thrilled to tell anyone I can about how bad it was.