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Bloor Street Diner

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I was in the Bay/Bloor area shopping on Wednesday. My wife and I wanted some lunch so we stopped in at the Bloor Street Diner, which was close by. It was a warm, sunny day so we asked for a table outside. We were promptly shown to a nice table for two overlooking Bay Street. Being a warm day, we both felt like a nice salad. We were in a bit of a hurry and our server was courteous and speedy. We both ordered the Cobb Salad, one of our favourites. What a travesty and a disgrace! For $16 per bowl, we received chopped iceberg lettuce, 2 tbsp of diced tomato, ONE tbsp of diced chicken, a teaspoon sized piece of avocado, no hard cooked egg, two tbsp of woefully undercooked bacon, and for some unknown reason, a few sprigs of totally incongruous watercress. The roquefort dressing was fine but not special. With 2 cups of coffee, the bill came to $42.38 before tip. My policy is to never take it out on the server since it is not their fault that the food is atrocious, so we left a decent tip. Why did we not send this back, you might ask? We were in a hurry so there was no time to re-peruse the menu. The awful salad warned us off ordering anything else here. My wife flatly stated that if they can send out slop like this for $16 per bowl, it is clear that complaining would be greeted with an I-don't -give- a S_ _t attitude. Were we victims of poor selection or is this a genuine reflection of classic chi-chi ripoff? Other CHers' comments would be welcome.

Bloor Street Diner
55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

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  1. Wow, sorry to hear this Big K. I've not been for a few months now but used to go quite regularly to the Bloor Street Diner.

    The last time I had their cobb salad was probably last summer but I recall it being extremely good. In fact it was usually what I ordered there. It was a very hefty portion, packed with all the good stuff a true Cobb Salad should contain.

    I wonder what's up?

    Bloor Street Diner
    55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

    1. It's unfortunately a bit of both. I used to go for the brunch buffet every so often when I had visiting family/friends over who needed familiar steam table food, but I've found that their food and pricing is increasingly coming to reflect clientele more interested in the location than the meal quality. What's interesting is that competition in the area is getting fiercer, so you'd think the food would be getting better!

      I don't want to sound too negative, since I don't feel they're being deceptive or anything. Imagine you're a tourist (not a food tourist) shopping in Yorkville, and you stumble across a place like that with a nice patio. That's really their target market, not the people who know that there's better food a few hundred meters in every direction. Of the $16 for the salad, $10 was for the "privilege" of eating lunch on a patio overlooking Bay and Bloor (and the corresponding rent).

      1. $16 is pretty steep for a salad. Like some mentioned, maybe they're going for the one-time diners rather than building a reputation that would bring in repeat business.

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          I agree, but up to last year, the salad was a meal. Chock full with probably half a chicken breast and topped off with lots of blue cheese, egg and corn. Honestly, you needed nothing more and for the price, it was good value. But again, that was back then. Doesn't seem to be the case now.

        2. Wish I had read this before I ordered a Cobb salad there! If anything it was less impressive than in the original post -- and I think it is now $17. Yet the place was buzzing after 5 pm.

          Overpriced, underwhelming and unaccountably popular. For God's sake don't order the coffee, it's truly wretched.

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            I recently went to the Bloor Street Diner after seeing a flick at the Varsity with a friend. The ONLY reason we went there was convenience and I was convinced that it was going to be both over-priced and totally awful. Imagine my surprise when I ordered the omelette special and was served the most delightful and amazing omelette! It was so light and fluffy, it was a dream! The wine list, however, is totally "meh" -- the beaujolais is ridiculously over-priced, even by restaurant standards, but the omelette made it all worthwhile. There is also something to be said about how nice the patio is on a summer evening. I would definitely go back if I were in that building for a movie (but clearly the Cobb Salad is a no-go!).