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Aug 19, 2010 03:57 PM

ISO super simple app or dessert

Here's the deal. I am going to a party at someone's hotel room & need to bring either an app or dessert. Unfortunately, I am not going to be home for the next 2 nights & will have about 30 minutes to throw something together before I go up there. No dairy, something that can sit out at room temp. I was looking for something more than cheese & crackers or mixed nuts or chips/dip. I realize that this is not really even 'cooking' but I am drawing a blank. Plus I need to be able to transport it in something disposable & not messy. I wish I had time to dip strawberries in chocolate.

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  1. This is the perfect time to buy something very good. Ask the hotel where to go, if you're not familiar with the area - and if you are - go where there's a good bakery selling a nice array of cookies or such, or buy a good box of mixed chocolates. What's not to like?

    1. Canteloupe sliced and wrapped in proscuitto. Can be an appetizer or dessert. You can also stuff dates with an almond and serve at room temperature, or if you have a few minutes wrap them in proscuitto and pop into the oven to crisp them up. Serve at room temp. If you didn't discount dairy, I would say just stuff them with goat cheese and serve, no proscuitto. A few olives on the side and you should be off to your party.

      1. make a batch of mixed spiced nuts. if no time, other option is just picking up/making a good mix... throw in some banana chips, m&ms, nuts, raisins, choc chips, etc.. or cookies always work. Depending on what's near, if there is a soft pretzel place, a good option to pick up.

        1. quick antipasto platter -- stop at the deli and get a few good cold cuts and a jar of gardeneria, some olives. Arrange on a plate. whisk up a little fresh lemon juice, olive oil, s&p and drizzle over top.

          1. Make some tortilla roll-ups (pinwheels), keep refrigerated but wait to slice them down until you arrive at hotel room...there are a bazillion recipes out there for them.